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Why Good Farm Games are Unrealistic

Rate this Article Sometimes, reality can be much less fun and a lot messier than the worlds created in games, and in this article we take a look at the farm genre. Farm Games Free - Why Good Farm Games are Unrealistic

Over the years we’ve seen the farm game genre grow and with its growth it has presented us with some phenomenal game but one common trend in this genre has been that the majority of its games that are considered top tier usually consist of elements that are considered unrealistic. In this article we’ll be talking about why most of the great farming games always seem to be unrealistic.

First off, when it comes to farming games that are considered good, most of them have something that sets them apart from the crowd and gives them a sense of uniqueness. For instance, in Astro Garden you get to have your usual farming gameplay but a lot of sci-fi elements to go with it as well such as space animals and futuristic crops which make the game a lot more enjoyable but obviously things like animals from space and special crops from the future aren’t really that real and probably won’t ever be so it can basically be concluded from this that the unique aspect of most great farming games is generally something that’s towards the unrealistic side.

Moving on, it’s pretty easy to conclude that if you build a game solely based around realistic elements, the game might end up being really solid but it won’t really have anything that gives it any kind of distinctness or set it apart from the countless other similar games in the genre. There are tons upon tons of realistic farming games out there but the problem here is that while most of them are pretty solid, they all feel similar in a lot of ways which makes the player-base shrink quite a bit since players are generally interested in something that’s out of the ordinary.

Another example of a top tier farming game is charm farm, it’s a pretty solid game in all aspects but what makes it truly great is the fact that it has all these magical crops and creatures that the player can place on their farm. These things make this game fantastic due to the whole new layer of depth they bring but are also things that don’t really exist in the real world and therefore couldn’t be implemented in a ‘realistic’ farming game.

From all this it can be concluded that while realistic elements lead to generally solid farm games, the games that are truly top tier need something to differentiate themselves from all the rest and they do this by adding some new features that are generally considered unrealistic so in order to make a standout farming game you have to think outside the box and do some creative stuff even though it might not fall into the boundaries of reality.

Alongside these things we’d still like to point out that this games from this genre are all quite fun to play no matter which one you’re playing so we recommend that you try a few farm games out as there’s something for everyone.

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