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Top 4 Games Like Funky Bay

Rate this Article Check out these 4 games that are similar to Funky Bay. Farm Games Free - Top 4 Games Like Funky Bay

Every once in a while, you come across a game that really steals your fancy. When you talk about farm games, Funky Bay is definitely on top of that list.

If you truly enjoyed what Funky Bay has been able to put on your plate, then you’d certainly appreciate these four games that we’re about to introduce to you. These are similar to your beloved game in terms of gameplay, but can also have stuff that they can offer that they can truly call their own.

Check these four games out and see if any of them are to your liking.

Let’s begin with Coral Isle. In this game, you’re one of the many survivors of a plane crash. You and your companions have been lucky enough to land in a totally virgin and pristine island that’s full of resources. It is then your job to build a sustainable life living off the wild land as you wait for rescue, which may or may not come at all.

You start off first with a farm, but, as you progress in the game, you get to develop new and more advanced tools that will make you more productive in coming up with the goods that you have to consume for your daily living. Most of these advanced tools are locked at the beginning of the game, so you’ll have to work harder to unlock them.

You may not be in an uninhabited island in Farm Days, but the challenge is nonetheless equally daunting. You have the task of developing a large farm into one that’s productive enough to provide for the needs of the city. This includes developing products that you can sell to the market and earn in-game cash that you can invest into expanding and further developing your farm.

The farm is not the only figurative cash mill that you have. You also have the Bakery, which produces bread from wheat that you produce in your farm. You can also take care of livestock, which produces more raw materials that are used for higher-selling commodities that you can put up for sale through the Barn.

Farming with a touch of human interaction is what is in store for you in Northern Saga. Under the tutelage of your local friend Ingrid, you can then work at becoming a very prolific farmer. Aside from Ingrid, you also get to meet several characters along the way.

What sets Northern Saga apart from its competitors is the large catalog of crops that you can cultivate in the game. You can also produce fruits, and cultivate livestock as well.

Last but not the least is Klondike, a farm game that also combines elements of role-playing games into it. You play the role of a young man who decides to follow in his father’s footsteps, and ends up in a ghost town that he now must cultivate into something that’s more than just a ghost town.

What does Klondike have that makes it unique amongst other games? It is also a city builder, and a farm game rolled into one package. The game features countless hours and hours of gameplay, so you should be busy for a considerable amount of time on your weekends with this game.

If you miss Funky Bay, you can give any of these four games a try. You might even grow to love these more than you did your favorite game.

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