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Why Farmville 2 is Still the Best Farm Game?

Rate this Article Online Farming games has become one of the most anticipated sectors of gaming that has provided players with some really exciting and enjoyable titles over the years. And though many have tried to pitch into the trend, it is most certain that above them all, there is one that easily sticks to mind. FarmVille.

In this article we’ll be talking how its sequel (FarmVille 2) came about, and how it tops the notch in every single aspect in farming game, even surpassing its original game.
Farm Games Free - Why Farmville 2 is Still the Best Farm Game?

There are many factors that influence the qualifications of a top tier farm game. First of the many factors is for it to have a relative longevity coming from eager participants flocking the game. And what more benefit can a famed developer enjoy than those coming from zynga - makers of the legendary farming game "FarmVille", that shed waves onto the gaming community.

The original game proved to be formulated with elements - fixated on having one addicted and tied into the chores of the game. It's fun, easy, and very much enjoyable - as at the time, social integration is relatively new and something all of us are eager to experience. Not limited to this, the game itself packs a tone of room for progress - for players to level up, expand their farm, unlock new features, plant the variety of crops, and so much more. The fact that there’s always something to look forward to, made the game worth every minute you play it.

With this, fixes the very first problem of every game - the "Following". With a cult of following from the first title that proved to be a success, longevity of the game was far from being questioned and all. Much more, the game proved to endow its players - something new to look forward to, every single day. Yup, that is right, every single day. Up until now (at the time of writing this article), you may visit FarmVille 2's game updates site, and find that it lives up to its promise. Two years since its launch, it delivered daily updates from where you'd always find something new to put onto your farms. From new crops, season bonuses, new stalls, new facilities, you name it and FarmVille 2 probably has it.

Another major change that we've seen in the game is its manner of presentation. From the already enjoyable 2D game it presented us on the original game, it now has laid out some 3D aspect into its game with the sequel. The game makes extensive use of 3D graphics, but purposely keeps all its detail simple to still run seamlessly on your browsers. The relative change to it's presentation though is more of an aesthetic change to set it apart from the original title.

Given that FarmVille pioneered the elements of a great online farming game removes the question if the gameplay actually works. It is Zynga that made the game, what could go wrong? And just to be clear, yes, the game is well played, and yes, it is formulated well. Aside from the usual farming chores you usually enjoy doing and sharing your help with other neighboring farms in the previous game, FarmVille 2 offers tasks like joint efforts in farming, requesting help from your neighbors in the game (friends).

Interaction with the game in terms of control input gets a facelift too. FarmVille 2’s paint system allows players to click and drag to select a collective group with similar chores (say for example watering crops), and the avatar will run over and deal with them in succession rather than the usual point and click method of things.

Last but not the least, the game seemingly dropped its usual structure of energy system in the process. Well, more appropriately, hidden well into the process. Instead of relying on an energy system, the game makes use of water as the main resource to balance your act in the game. Each progress is tied down with the requirement of this resource, and the game replenishes it over the course of time, or by micro-transactions.

Overall, the makers of the game made sure that the sequel is just as addictive, just as polished, and offers something new to keep the players coming, and seasoned ones busy - every time. The result, the best online farming game you still can get your hands on to date.

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