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Best Localized Free Game Sites to Play Farm Games on

Rate this Article Want to play some free farm games that require no downloads and are localized in your native language? Well, we've put in the work and found some of the best sites out there! Farm Games Free - Best Localized Free Game Sites to Play Farm Games on

There’s an insane number of free farm games that you can play on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC, but there’s the hassle of having to download the game apps to your device, and sometimes, you need to even sign-up for an account. If only there’s a much easier way to play some farm games directly on your browser…

Well, that reminds us – you CAN actually play free HTML5 farm games on various websites and with absolutely no need for any downloads!

There are tons of these game portals out there on the internet that you can easily find by simply searching on Google, but unlike apps that automatically allows you to conveniently switch the language setting in the game to your native language, there usually isn’t an option to do so if you play games on some of the English game sites. This is why we thought we should put in the work and scour the internet for the best localized game sites for you to play some free farm games on!

Best Russian Free Game Site

Play free farm games on Yandex

Yandex is synonymous to Facebook over in Russia so it’s not at all surprising that if you’re looking to play some free farm games on your browser on a site that’s entirely in Russian, is the place to head to!

Not only will you be able to play all the farm games that you may already be familiar with, such as Family Farm and Tropical Merge, but the site also features plenty of exclusive farm games that you can’t find anywhere else. One example of this is Harvest Hero that was developed by the renowned Israeli game studio, Plarium.

So, if you know Russian and don’t mind signing up for a Yandex account, you can definitely check out some of the fun farm games they have to offer.

Best Israeli Free Game Site

Play free farm games on

For Israelis looking to play some free farm games, there is only one site they need to visit and that’s Yo-Yoo Games!

Featuring a website that’s entirely in Hebrew, players who are familiar with the language will be able to play a wide range of free farm games, from the time management-based Farm Mania 2 to the popular social farm game, Big Farm, on their browser.

Of course, Yo-Yoo Games offers so much more with thousands of HTML 5 games of any genre imaginable, all available to you at the click of a mouse! So, if you would like to play some free games, or as they say משחקים בחינם, on a Hebrew-localized website, then hop on over and check them out!

Best Polish Free Game Site

Play free farm games on Yo-yoo Games

The Polish loves their farm games as much as they love their horse games, so it’s not surprising to find plenty of localized sites offering these very games for free.

However, out of the few we’ve visited, has impressed us the most. The range of farm games the site has to offer is simply astounding. From merge-based games to farm simulation and tycoons, it doesn’t matter which kind of farm games you enjoy – they will have the perfect farm game for you!

Best Chinese Free Game Site

Play free farm games on

If you feel more comfortable playing farm games that are in Chinese, then you’ll want to check out!

Well yes, the numbers in the domain name don’t inspire much confidence from an outsider's persepctive - it just looks scammy, but it’s actually common practice among Chinese sites to have numbers as their domain names - it's just how it is. The main reason behind it is the fact that alphabets are rather uncommonly used in China than numbers, and hence, users are able to more easily remember website URLs and names if they are numbers rather than English words or letters.

There's also the fact that, phonetically, some numbers sound similar to certain words in Chinese. In the case of, the 4 meant "death"; the 3 meant "life" and the 9 meant "long lasting or eternal". In a games context, the site name refers to the popular saying that "gamers have many lives".

That being said, the site is legit through and through, and the sizeable company managing it is based in Beijing. Now, what makes this site stand out from the rest is the fact that similar to Yandex, this site has plenty of exclusive farm games that you don’t typically find on other Western game sites.

In a way, it’s kind of like the “Armor Games of China”, allowing developers to contact the site owner directly to publish their HTML 5 games on the site. So, if you’re pining for some unique farm games and that you know Mandarin, you might want to check out this game site.

Hopefully these few sites would prove to be helpful to you in your search for localized game sites that offer the best free farm games to play. Of course, it would be impossible to include every language in a single article – it would just end up being too long to read. Due to this, if you would like to us to cover more languages, please do let us know. We would love to hear from you!

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