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Maximizing Income as a Farm Game Beginner

Rate this Article Managing your income in a farm game is not that different from managing your finances in real life. Farm Games Free - Maximizing Income as a Farm Game Beginner

Playing farm games is definitely fun. Aside from planting crops, you also get to build up your farm from scratch and that comes with decorating the farm with animals, tools and structures. It’s basically a world of your own when you play farm games, and you control almost everything that happens in there including how much income your farm produces for you every day.

There’s actually a science to this. Farm games are also management games, in a sense. You can manage how much money your farm makes in a certain period of time through the decisions that you make regarding the crops that you will be planting.

Thus, you can say that there is a strategy involved in getting the farm up to max production capacity in its first days. It’s not very difficult to learn; you only need to understand the intricacies of each crop that you have in your options list.

Most beginners make the mistake of looking at the price figure only when making a decision about their crops. Just like in real life, price can be a factor but definitely not the deciding factor in this concern. When you begin playing a farm game, you start with a certain amount of funds that you can use to buy crops and plant them. Before you pick a crop, take a look at the details outside of the price.
The details vary from game to game, but each game always has a timetable for each crop to grow. This is a very important detail in the strategy that you will be learning in this article. Now, some crops grow in as quick as five minutes, while others can grow in an hour, two hours, three hours and even as long as 48 hours.

Other people will tell you to plant the ones that take at least 24 hours to grow, because they also return high amounts of in-game cash. That is true, but it does not maximize your production capacity. What you need to do is to find a way to gain a large amount of income in the first day alone, and just carry on the momentum in the next few days.

The best way to achieve that is to make use of the short-term crops in your first day. Because they grow fast, you will be able to harvest them quickly. So, find the plant that grows the quickest in your options list, and pick that. Question now is – how many do you need to plant at the start?

Take note that planting crops will also consume energy. At the start, you are given only a small plot of land by the game so you can plant the crops in all of those. After that, you will have to wait until the plant is fully grown and ready to be harvested. Again, it varies from game to game. Some games have crops that quick in as short a time as five minutes, while others have crops that bloom in ten minutes.

Harvest those crops and plant them again, but keep an eye out on your energy gauge. When your energy gauge is only enough to plant at least 10 crops, it’s time to pick the ones that take typically at least a day to be fully ripe. This is because you will not be able to return until the next day to your farm as your energy has run out; while it does regenerate after a specific amount of time, you have other things to do for the rest of the day.

When you return the next day to harvest the crops, take note of the total amount of in-game cash that you have and compare it with the one that you have started with. You should have at least 40 percent more in-game cash, but what’s actually important is that you’ve gained a profit from what you’ve started with.

Now would be time to expand your farm, but don’t make it too big right away. The key here is to be gradual – five new plots should be good enough, or even twenty. It depends on how much of a miser you are. Now, you simply have to repeat the same steps you did in the first day and, with the new plots, you should continually gain bigger profits every day until you’ve arrived at a point that you think your farm’s daily income is large enough to be comfortable.

Last tip – don’t go right away to decorating your farms. They’re good perks for personalizing the farm, but a disaster for a budding plantation. Wait until your income is big enough that you have enough to buy those stuff while still having the in-game cash to keep to your production rate.

Keep these tips in mind, and you could be a successful virtual farmer AND financial manager in online farm games. Good luck!

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