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How to Be A Good Neighbor In A Farming Game?

Rate this Article How can you be a good neighbor to your farmer friends? Farm Games Free - How to Be A Good Neighbor In A Farming Game?

The social aspect is big when playing farming games on Facebook. There’s a focus on having as many neighbors as you could, which means that you have to invite people to play the game with you. That can become annoying for some, but Facebook gives them the means to block game requests if they don’t like receiving those so you need not worry about those.

Okay, so once you’ve become somebody’s neighbor, you need to do a few things so that people will want to help you in return as well. Here’s how you can become a good “neighbor” to your friends in an online farming game.

First, keep an eye for gift or help requests. Some games require a contribution from a player’s neighbors in order to move forward on a quest. You could be asked to send materials to finish the construction of an important building. When you’re playing a farm game, you’ll be notified on Facebook as well as through your email that you have pending requests. When you find those on your inbox, make it a point to respond as promptly as you can because your friends are waiting for your help.

Second, make it a point to visit your friends’ farms. Make it a part of your routine actually. Once you’ve finished all your tasks on your farm like harvesting crops, planting new ones and collecting income from your structures, feel free to visit your friends’ farms. You can do five tasks there. It’s basically similar to how you manage your farm. You get free energy and reputation points in return for dropping by and working on your neighbors’ farms.

When you have lots of friends, imagine how much free energy you can get simply by doing your part as a good neighbor? People with good intentions are always rewarded with great things, indeed.

Now, how about those neighbors who are not always visiting your farm? They could be inactive for all you know. Check out their farms for signs of recent activity. If these people have not touched their farms for a long time, chances are they’ve stopped playing already. It’s up to you if you still want to keep them on your team or leave them there. You could still gain free energy and reputation points from an inactive farm.

Being a good neighbor is not that difficult! It just takes a few minutes of your time and, if you’re an avid player of farm games, you’d be spending an hour or two just going about your farm. For such a small amount of time, you get so much in return. It’s also a way of helping your friends out, even if it’s just for a game.

There are many farm games online that you can play. Facebook alone is already a treasure chest full of interesting farm management simulators that you can try out. Other farm games are hosted in their own servers and websites, but also work by the same mechanisms. Happy farming!

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