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Farm Simulation vs Time Management Games

Rate this Article You may consider yourself a true blue farm gamer, but you probably don’t know that there are two kinds of farm games that you can choose from. Farm Games Free - Farm Simulation vs Time Management Games

You may consider yourself a true blue farm gamer, but you probably don’t know that there are two kinds of farm games that you can choose from. That’s why one farm game may have different game mechanics from another. Let’s learn about these two types of farm games, shall we?

The first type of farm game is the farm simulation type. This one lets you manage a farm by planting crops, harvesting them, and then you either sell them for a small profit, or use them as raw materials for products that can earn you more in terms of in-game cash.

There is no time limit required here, but the crops that you plant as well as the products you produce will take some time to mature and be ready for collection. In exchange for these actions, you earn experience points and level up. You also don’t have goals that you have to satisfy in order for you to move forward; instead, you are given “Quests” that, while not mandatory, will guide you and give you additional rewards like experience points, and in-game cash.

Now, the most popular game in this genre, of course, is FarmVille 2, which carries on the legacy of its predecessor. FarmVille 2 features animated graphics, and a much more interactive experience in playing especially with regards to farm animals like cows, chickens and others.

Most Farm simulation games are found online, either on popular social media website Facebook or on their own websites. Of course, they are all free to play.

The other type of farm game is the time management farm game. This one plays itself out through a series of levels, each with their own goals that you have meet within a specific amount of time. Typically, these management games reward you based on the amount of time you required in order to achieve each level’s goals.

Time management games challenge your sense of prioritization -- there are various tasks in each level, all of which count towards your final goal. You’ll have to figure out a workflow through which you can accomplish tasks faster so that you can have a better score and be more generously rewarded by the game.

You might have recognized these games already. The most popular titles in this sub-genre are the TV Farm and Farm Frenzy series. They’re not all free, but they’re totally worth the prices.

Which one should you choose? It depends on your preferences. If you like to play slightly repetitive scenarios and you appreciate the challenge of chasing after the time, then you’d certainly be at home with time management farm games. These games let you take a break after each level, but you’ll have to start from scratch at the next.

On the other hand, if you like a more casual approach at farm gaming, then you’d do well to pick the farm simulation games. You can play these at your leisure, and you can set your own goals when playing these games.

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