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Facebook Farm Games

Rate this Article With the rise in popularity of Farm Games, there has been an explosion on Facebook, and that is a great thing for us, here we will discover some of the best around. Farm Games Free - Facebook Farm Games

We have seen in recent years there has been a surge in Farm Games, and some of them have been brilliant to play. Facebook has provided a fantastic place to play these games, and the ability to share and play with friends is also a wonderful thing.

As time has gone on the graphics and gameplay has also improved, especially in what we can only call the ‘cute factor’. The animals and characters in these games have become stunning, with 3D graphics and some beautiful, or just extremely cute pets and animals for you to own.

But its more than that too, the buildings, crops and stores also look gorgeous, and playing is a fun experience as well as a bright and colourful one. Mix this with a simple interface and you have a fabulous game for the whole family to play.

The larger your farm the more interesting they become, with such a large variety of crops to grow, animals to look after and special features. The fun never ends in these amazing games, and below we have brought 5 of the newest or best games that we have played.

Happy Acres gives you a small farmstead, from there you can grow into a huge holding, full of interesting crops and cute animals. This brand new game has a huge amount to offer, taking some of the best graphics we have seen with an awesome gameplay.

In Farm Town it is up to you to build a large farm and provide food for a large town next to you. Your shop can become the most vital in the town, and who knows where it will take you. Grow your crops and manage your animals to create some fantastic produce to sell in your very own shop.

With Hayride you are transported to a wonderful farm full of opportunity. With a great playstyle, lots of fun animals and the opportunity to sell your goods not only for orders, but also to other players all over the world. If you find you need something, pop over to the player market and see if you can find what you want.

Family Farm takes you to a wonderful farm where you can create huge machines to help you produce goods as well as organise and manage your farm. Grow your crops into fun and intricate patterns while you grow your farm into a near unlimited place full of life and opportunity.

Creating a farm is fun in Let’s Farm, with over 400 buildings to choose from, not to mention a huge range of crops and animals for you to own and look after. There is a huge amount of fun to be had here, with great quests, an easy game style and some fun characters for you to meet.

We hope that you enjoy one or more of the games we presented here. We are very fortunate to be able to play some amazing farm games, and we are pleased that we can bring these, and many more to you.

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