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How to Raise FPS in World of Warcraft: Step-by-Step Guide

Rate this Article Do your World of Warcraft raids keep getting interrupted because of low FPS? Well, don't worry: we've got you covered with this guide. Farm Games Free - How to Raise FPS in World of Warcraft: Step-by-Step Guide

Due to a number of variables, World of Warcraft may severely load even strong current PCs. The game's large environment, which has a huge number of zones, NPCs, and items that all take resources to depict and interact with, is one issue. Furthermore, the game's high degree of detail and graphic fidelity can be taxing on hardware, especially at higher resolutions and when advanced graphics settings are enabled.

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Playing a vide game like World of Warcraft requires high and stable FPS

The game's online multiplayer aspect, which necessitates a persistent connection to servers and other players, is another consideration. Because the game must constantly update and display data from other players and the game servers, this can load both the player's internet connection and their PC's processing power.

How to increase FPS will be discussed in this article. The methods are suitable for both current and classic versions of World of Warcraft.

Possible causes of FPS drawdown

Reasons for frame drops can be as follows:
- Insufficient performance or overheating of the video card.
- Insufficient processor performance or overload with unnecessary programs.
- A small amount of RAM or its load with unnecessary applications.

What to do with low FPS at maximum load on the video card

The simplest situation is when the video card is loaded to the maximum (100%), while the FPS in the game is low. In this case, it is enough to lower the graphics settings, after which the frame rate should increase significantly.

It is much worse if the graphics settings are already minimal, and the FPS in WoW is not comfortable enough. In this case, you should look at the temperature of the video card, it should not exceed 70-80%. If there is overheating, then it is urgent to clean the video card of dust and change the thermal paste.

If there is no overheating, and the video card is stably loaded at 100%, it is worth changing the video card. For World of Warcraft, it is strongly discouraged to use applications that allow you to lower the graphics below what the game allows. Otherwise, you can get a permanent blocking of your account in the game.

Effective lifehack

To reduce the load on the video card, reduce the screen resolution. The smaller it is, the fewer pixels the video card calculates and the higher its performance. For example, between 1920x1080 and 1600x900 the difference in load is more than 25%.

Playing a video game on a tablet

System optimization

If lowering the settings in the game does not help, you should try optimization from the Windows side. Extra running programs, errors in the registry, as well as a number of other problems in the operating system, can cause a drop in FPS in World of Warcraft.

1. Disable all unnecessary programs, this can be done in the Windows tray or through the task manager. Applications such as Skype, Discord, or Steam are especially heavy on the computer.

2. Check your computer for viruses and malware. You can even do this with built-in Windows Defender.

3. Clean the registry (for example, using CCleaner). Registry problems can negatively affect the FPS, regardless of the power of the computer. After cleaning the registry, the computer will need to be restarted.

4. In order not to constantly disable unnecessary applications before starting the game, it is recommended to disable them once in startup. To do this, go to the task manager (key combination “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “ESC”) and select the appropriate item.

5. Free up space on your hard drive. For the correct operation of the game, at least 15-20 gigabytes of free disk space is required. Otherwise, performance may drop significantly.

6. Update your operating system. You can do this by checking for an update.

7. Update the drivers for the video card. An outdated driver version can cause an increased load on the central processor and RAM. You can update directly from the driver settings (or through the “GeForce Experience” in the case of Nvidia video cards).

8. Disconnect unnecessary peripherals from the computer. A large number of peripheral devices, such as printers, scanners, external hard drives, and others, although not much, give an additional load on the system, which can become critical in the case of weak PCs.

9. Defragment your hard drive. You can do this by going to the properties of the hard drive and opening the "Service" item. Attention! In no case do not defragment SSDs, it is useless and will only reduce the life of the SSD.

10. Install the game on an SSD, conventional hard drives are already morally obsolete, and their speed may not be enough for the correct operation of modern games. Moving World of Warcraft to an SSD will have a positive impact on both performance and game stability.

These tips will help you boost your FPS in the game so you can enjoy the incredible fantasy world where millions of people have been spending their time for decades. Try it and you will understand why World of Warcraft is highly appreciated not only by users but also by the Guinness records.

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