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Farm Games like Barn Buddy

Rate this Article Barn Buddy is an awesome Facebook based farming game that has caught the heart of many players around the world for a variety of different reasons. In this article we’ll be talking about some of the alternatives to this game that you should try out if you ever get the chance. Farm Games Free - Farm Games like Barn Buddy

Before discussing the games themselves, firstly, let’s talk a little about Barn Buddy and discuss why it’s managed to become one of the most successful farm games out there. The primary reason to the game’s success is definitely the fact that it doesn’t take any big risks and sticks with the tried and true farm game formula that’s produced many amazing releases over the years. Players feel right at home when playing Barn Buddy and that’s exactly why they enjoy it so much.

Barn Buddy looks pretty incredible as well. Its high-quality gameplay is accompanied by some of the best visuals out there for a farming game. Everything just looks really neat and clean and then on top of that the color palette is really bright as well and basically elevates the whole game’s look to a completely new level.

The following games feel a lot like Barn Buddy and are definitely worth checking out.

Let's Farm

Like Barn Buddy, Let’s Farm is a game that sticks with the tried and true fundamentals of the farming game genre and therefore provides players an experience that they’ll feel right at home with. The game has pretty much everything players nowadays expect out of a good farming game like a good variety of crops to plant, plenty of structures to construct and of course multiple different ways to customize your farm and make it look prettier than every other farm out there. This game also has a lot of special events that allow players to progress really quickly.

Country Life

Country Life is definitely one of the most unique looking farm games out there. It utilizes a rather cartoonish art style that’s rarely been seen before in the genre but it actually ends up working out very nicely for it because the visuals are really unique and an absolute delight to look at. The distinct visuals are accompanied by some of the finest farming gameplay out there. You’ll pretty much never feel bored while playing this game since there’s always something to do like completing quests or helping out friends in need.

Happy Acres

Happy Acres is a game that brings a few minor changes to the standard farm game formula but nothing major. However, the changes that it makes add a lot of depth to the gameplay and therefore provide players with a refreshing experience. While the gameplay has been changes in a few small ways, the visuals still follow the same art style as that of most traditional farming games so overall the game is really incredible to look at.

All things considered, all three of the aforementioned farm games are viable alternatives to Barn Buddy and we definitely recommend trying them out.

Want to find and play more games like the ones you know and love? Drop by now!

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