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5 Brilliant Farm Games

Rate this Article The amount of farm games out there probably have to be the most of any genre out there and rightly so since these games are quite addictive and in this article we’ll be covering the cream of the crop. Farm Games Free - 5 Brilliant Farm Games

There are many things that come together to make a successful and fun farming game. Starting off, the first thing that the game should have is good variety; there should be a lot of different things in the game such as a good amount of crops, decorations for your farm, structures and other similar things. Aside from the variety, a good farming game always has an objective that players strive for which is generally told to the players in the opening cut-scenes of the game.

Other than gameplay elements, a great farming game has to look just as good as it plays. These games generally have really sharp details and all the objects and animations look stellar and on top of it all they’re brought to life with bright color palettes that give everything a new level of visual flare.

To round everything off, any farming game worth its salt will consist of great social features like the ability to give your friends gifts, visit their farms and a bunch of other similar things. The following games fall into the above criteria and are a few of the farming games that you should definitely try out:

Farm Town
In Farm Town you’ll be assigned with the standard task of managing your very own farm but the unique thing here is that you’ll have to meet people’s demands as well and keep them satisfied as well as taking care of your farm. You’ll find that this game has a lot to offer in terms of variety as there are tons of animals that you’ll be raising on your farm, tons of crops to grow and on top of it all it looks pretty solid.

Farmville 2
Farmville 2 is the successor to the game that pioneered the genre and steered it into a successful path so it might have had big shoes to fill but it certainly delivers. The game improves upon the original in a variety of ways and fixes all the flaws that its predecessor had. The game looks absolutely gorgeous to start it all off and on top of the fine tuned gameplay features it has some really top notch social elements to add into the mix.

Farmerama isn’t like other traditional farming game. Despite having all the features that a good farming game should have such as a variety of crops and animals, Farmerama does things a bit differently since it also bundles in a massive world for you to explore and once you’ve explored the world a bit you’ll be able to farm in the explored areas as well.

Daisy Land
Daisy Land is the prime example of a well executed farming game. It has everything that you’d expect from a high quality game of the genre such as the ability to construct multiple different kinds of structures on your farm, plant an immense variety of crops, raise different kinds of animals and pretty much everything else that goes into a successful farm game.

Astro Garden
Astro Garden isn’t your average farming game since growing crops and raising animals aren’t the only thing you’ll be doing in this game. Astro Garden is pretty much the only farming game to feature sci-fi elements like a massive research facility on your farm, some weird mutated animals and a ton of other sci-fi features. Of course alongside all this it still has your standard farming gameplay and ultimately everything blends together nicely to make for a really enjoyable game.

All the games we’ve mentioned above are immense amounts of fun and are easily capable of pleasing anyone who decides to try them out so it’s definitely recommended that you give each of them a shot. They’ve given us a ton of enjoyment and we hope that they offer you a similar experience as well.

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