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New Features on Monstera Games Platform

Rate this Article Want to know what’s new on the amazing Monstera Games Platform? Then scroll through this article and get familiar with all the new features that this platform has to offer. Farm Games Free - New Features on Monstera Games Platform

Ever since the inception of the famous and ever-growing Monstera Games Platform, we have been striving continuously to update its functionality and provide our partners with a better experience when embedding HTML5 games. It's safe to say that the platform has done an excellent job of keeping its visitors happy, but there's always room for improvement. Finding the right HTML5 games for your website can be a bit tricky these days, but if you're looking for the best ones, you won't find a better place than this.


Working tirelessly for a better user experience, Monstera Games Platform aims to ensure that every user enjoys a fantastic experience free of complications. Games filtering by labels is a great feature offered by this stellar platform, as it makes the search process a whole lot easier for the users. With the "Labels" section, you can search for a desired label (i.e., merge, idle, casual, and so on), and all the games with such labels would appear in the results. This should definitely help you narrow down the games to what you are looking for specifically.

My Games

Games on Monstera Games Platform

While you're busy adding new embeddable games, it is easy to lose track of games that you may or may not have added before. This is why we have created a helpful feature for that particular task. Using the "My Games" filter, you can easily keep track of which games you have already added prior to this by noting the "Game Added" green check mark on the top left side of the game icon, making it easy for you to track your games.

Trending Games

If you're wondering what games you want to add next, the platform has you covered with more convenient and unique features. After some adjustments and redesigns, the "Trending" column is now better than ever, making things much more straightforward. Tap on the "Trending" button at the top row to discover which of our games are really hitting it off. Note that you can add those to your site; as mentioned, this feature brings more convenience to the table. Pro tip: be sure to prioritize trending games since those are likely your audience's favorites!

Another great thing about this incredible platform is the variety of games and how it keeps adding new games from time to time. Usually, you'll find platforms like this sleeping on this particular aspect, but with Monstera Games Platform, you can expect to see more and more new games, making this platform stand out.

The platform's primary goal is to make sure everyone who visits enjoys a good experience and leaves satisfied, and that's why constant updates are made, and new features are added. With time, you'll see even more features on this great platform, and we urge you all to visit Monstera Games Platform if you're looking for HTML5 games for your website. After all, services that continue to innovate bring more to the table, helping your website grow further and helping it reach new heights.

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