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Why Is My Little Farmies so Entertaining

Rate this Article My Little Farmies is a game that you should definitely check out. Find out why! Farm Games Free - Why Is My Little Farmies so Entertaining

There are so many games that let you play the role of a farmer, but what makes My Little Farmies stand out among the rest? Here are some of the features that you can expect from this exciting farm simulator.

Have you always been frustrated by games like Farmville that forces you to ask your friends for materials before you can build a structure? You can say goodbye to that when you play My Little Farmies. In here, you can build anything you want without collecting materials from your friends or neighbors. The downside, however, is that you have to wait up to a day for a building to completed. That sure beats having to wait for your friends to respond to your request!

There are a lot of activities for you to do in My Little Farmies. You can do the usual farming and harvesting. Afterwards, what do you do with those? You can sell the raw produce, of course, so you can earn in-game cash. When you first start in the game, that route makes sense. You need to get some cash flow going so you can continually plant and harvest crops.

However, once you’ve gotten comfortable and secured with the cash flow, you’d need to expand in order to earn more. Expansion means more than just expanding the land in which your farm sits on; it means that you have to create more sources of income. This is where the crafting buildings come in. With these buildings, you can create new products out of your raw produce!

Selling is something that you’ll find unique as well when you play My Little Farmies. There’s the usual way of selling through the warehouse. However, you can earn more income when you sell products to traveling sales people. These are the NPCs that appear suddenly at your farm and will place orders for certain products. Be sure to give them what they want – they pay very good prices!

In addition, the bigger your farm is, the more salesmen you can attract. This means that, in Little Farmies, the size of your farm is directly proportionate to the amount of money that you earn from it!
Of course, you’re not limited to just planting and harvesting crops. After all, it’s a farm you’re taking care of. We all know that farms are not complete without farm animals like cows, goats and others. The best thing is, you can do this when you play My Little Farmies! The animals are also instrumental in producing certain products, like goats and cows for milk, for instance.

You can also exercise your creative side with My Little Farmies. You can decorate your farm with trees, ornamental plants and even buildings that don’t produce anything at all but are just there for the aesthetics.

Last but not the least, My Little Farmies has a thriving community in its Facebook page. You can go on there and meet the people who are as passionate as you when it comes to virtual farming. You can get tips and tricks, or just hang out and share ideas!

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