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10 Best Mobile Games of 2023 So Far

Rate this Article There are lots of mobile games in 2023, and if you're having trouble picking one to play, here are a few recommendations: Farm Games Free - 10 Best Mobile Games of 2023 So Far

Given the sheer volume of games released annually, it's impossible to review them all, which necessitates selecting those with the greatest potential. The curation process involves filtering through hundreds of thousands of games across both iOS and Android platforms, spanning over a decade of releases.
Despite these challenges, our team conducts numerous reviews each year to bring you the very best options available. Thus, we present to you the top 10 mobile games of 2023 thus far, providing a convenient snapshot of the cream of the crop.

1. American Roulette Mobile

- Developer: PlayNGo
- Category: Gambling
- Instant play feature: Yes
- Pros: Simplicity of the layout, high odds, fast speed
- Cons: Somewhat limited variations and betting options

If you're into American Roulette, then this game is worth checking out. It's made for your mobile and the wheel is vertical so you can easily see everything. The rules are pretty much the same as regular American Roulette but it's fun to play. Check out Bodog Roulette if you want to take things up a notch - they have both American and European styles. It can be tough playing on a phone, but this platform did a good job making sure it's smooth and easy to play.

2. Mech Arena

- Developer: Plarium
- Category: Fighting
- Instant play feature: No
- Pros: Free to play, sheer scope of weapons to choose
- Cons: Somewhat limited customizability

Developed by the creators of Raid: Shadow Legends, Mech Arena is a straightforward game that delivers exactly what it promises. Players assume control of mech suits and engage in arena battles, with a variety of customization options and unlockable features available through gameplay. While the concept is not overly complicated, the game is perfect for quick, straightforward thrills.

Mech Arena game

3. Apex Legends Mobile

- Developer: Respawn Entertainment
- Category: Shooting
- Instant play feature: No
- Pros: Fast speed, great range of characters, frantic combat movements
- Cons: No cross-platform compatibility

Apex Legends Mobile, the custom version of Respawn's renowned battle royale shooter designed specifically for mobile devices. Despite retaining the same gameplay mechanics of teaming up with others to eliminate enemy squads across a sprawling map, the game features revamped controls, including a new third-person perspective. This upgrade ensures precision shooting and fluid movement without any limitations imposed by the touch interface.

4. Forge of Empires

- Developer: InnoGames
- Category: City-building game
- Instant play feature: Yes
- Pros: Bronze age to industrial progression, great coverage of upgrades/depth.
- Cons: Somewhat limited PvP options

Playing a video game online

Forge of Empires is a multifaceted mobile strategy game that excels on multiple levels. Players derive satisfaction from building and expanding their own settlements, investing resources in research, and advancing through various historical eras before transitioning to the science fiction realm of the future. In addition, turn-based strategy battles against rival nations add to the game's appeal. Strategy and history fans should definitely give it a try.

5. Castlevania

- Developer: Konami, Mercury Steam
- Category: Action-adventure
- Instant play feature: No
- Pros: Massive castle to explore, unique abilities to acquire
- Cons: Somewhat limited variations of characters

One of the most epic Castlevania games out there, Symphony of the Night, is finally up for grabs on Android. You get to play as Alucard, the vampire, on a mission to kill some crazy demonic creatures and stop Dracula from coming back to life. And the game's got a massive stash of weapons, spells, and sweet items to help you on your quest.

6. Among Us

- Developer: InnerSloth LLC
- Category: Multiplayer video game, Survival game
- Instant play feature: No
- Pros: Great character designs and animations, fast speed
- Cons: Three versions of maps, instability in the online infrastructure

Among Us game

In 2020, Among Us rose to prominence as the ideal quarantine pastime due to its intense and paranoid gameplay, despite its initial launch in 2018. Players collaborate with their astronaut companions to repair their spacecraft, while hidden saboteurs attempt to eliminate everyone. To succeed, players must rely on social manipulation and deception to uncover the truth and remain alive. In this game, trust is a precious commodity, and players must be vigilant at all times.

7. Crossy Road

- Developer: Hipster Whale
- Category: Platform game
- Instant play feature: Yes
- Pros: Fun and addictive gameplay, interesting challenges
- Cons: Limited depth/replay value, in-app purchases

The classic Frogger-style gameplay of Crossy Road is endlessly engaging. Whether playing on a phone or tablet, the pixelated graphics are instantly recognizable, and the simple goal of helping a chicken cross the road is always good for a laugh. Once you start playing, it's hard to put down, and you'll find yourself coming back to try again and again.

8. Dragalia Lost

- Developer: Cygames, Nintendo
- Category: Action role-playing game
- Instant play feature: No
- Pros: Deep gameplay, co-op mode, high production value
- Cons: Clunky menus, generic storyline

As a delightful Nintendo-published action-RPG, Dragalia Lost boasts an extensive dungeon-crawling adventure with intuitive touch controls, exceptional music, and a continuously expanding storyline. The game boasts a remarkable assortment of content, including action-packed beat-em-up, battle royale PvP, and cooperative multiplayer raids. Although Dragalia Lost is a gacha-style game, it's incredibly generous with free rolls, exceeding the usual practices of this monetization model.

9. Hero Wars

- Developer: Nexters
- Category: Multiplayer video game
- Instant play feature: Yes
- Pros: High DPS output, a wide range of heroes
- Cons: Difficult to get and pump the maximum star

Hero Wars is a mobile game that has garnered a lot of attention through its ubiquitous advertising, although the ads themselves are somewhat misleading. Rather than a sliding doors puzzle game, Hero Wars is actually an entertaining game that will be familiar to many mobile gamers. Players build a team of heroes and guide them through dungeons, working to enhance or unlock new heroes as needed. With its addictive gameplay, it is likely to become a daily routine for those who try it.

Hero Wars game

10. Genshin Impact

- Developer: miHoYo
- Category: Adventure game
- Instant play feature: No
- Pros: Research opportunity, lots of unique and scenic destinations
- Cons: Limited world’s size, basic characters

To conclude our list, we have Genshin Impact, a mobile game that draws inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with an anime-influenced fantasy world and action-RPG gameplay. While it may seem like a tribute act, the game executes the formula with excellence and is available for free. In short, Genshin Impact is a must-try experience that shouldn't be missed.

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