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Big Fish Farm Games

Rate this Article Big Fish is a huge distributor of games covering a wide array of niches, but they do have quite a lot of great Farm Games, and today we are bringing some of them to you. Farm Games Free - Big Fish Farm Games

Big Fish have a unique way of sending out their games, in almost every case you can play the game on a free trial for an hour to see what you think and how you feel about it. From there some of the games are free and others you will need to pay for. But the choice is entirely up to you can there are lots that you can try.

The same applies to their farm games, and here we have a selection of some of our favorites, each of which has a unique style or theme that makes them great to play. But the theme runs true though all of them, you can raise crops, animals and manage your own farms in any way that you want to.

With Farm Tribe 2 you have an entire village to yourself, and you can fill it with people to make it grow. By harvesting crops and raising animals you are able to increase your population and expand. This also helps them to stay happy and want to stay and keep looking after the farms for you. There is a lot of fun to be found in this game and the villagers can be quite funny.

In a different way Farm to Fork lets you grow plants and raise animals, but in this instance you then use them as ingredients in recipes. Completion of these recipes then clears that level and you can move on. With a mix of farm and time management styles there is so much you can do here, and a large variety of different crops and livestock.

My Farm is a more traditional style of game, where a guy leaves his old life behind to start his own farm. From a small plot of land it is up to you to help him grow into a fully working business and holding with a large range of produce. Though more traditional is in its gameplay, the looks of this game really help pull it through into something special worth playing.

Virtual Farm 2 is the oldest of the games on this list, but don’t let that put you off what can be a brilliant and fun game to play. With a unique style and a lot of different fun activities to keep you going there is a charm to this that keeps you playing. Though not the most spectacular game it can be brilliant to fill in some time with.

Finally we have Farm Frenzy 2. There are many in the series but this is the one that we enjoyed the most. With its fast paced management and a brilliant style to it this is one of the best time manager games around. Throw in the great graphics and cute animals and it builds up into a really enjoyable experience.

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