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Big Farm vs Farmandia

Rate this Article These 2 stunning 3D farm games are both fun to play and brilliant in how they look and feel, so we thought we would compare them to see how each one plays out. Farm Games Free - Big Farm vs Farmandia

Big Farm and Farmandia are two hugely popular farming games that have achieved this level of popularity and success because they both provide a really enjoyable and engaging experience to the players. In this article we’ll be going into a bit more detail regarding these games, comparing them in various different aspects and just talking a bit about what makes them so great.

To start things off, there’s one very significant difference that separates these two games. Although the concept is the same at heart, Farmandia is more of a casual farming game because your only point of focus will be your farm whereas Big Farm is a slightly more competitive game because there are a few PvP and co-op aspects in the game. In Big Farm you’ll be able to take on some missions with different objectives that involve other live players and these missions are quite rewarding.

Farmandia doesn’t really have any missions of this kind but it assigns tasks to its players which can be of many kinds and these tasks are very rewarding as well so overall in both games, players will always have a significant amount of currency on them at all times.

The second thing that separates these games is their art style. Farmandia is the kind of game that has stuck with the standard farming game theme and therefore the graphics and art style are similar to traditional games in the genre and this is great because these games have always looked great in pretty much all areas which can also be said for Farmandia. Big Farm takes a slightly different approach to the graphics department and tries to completely renew the graphical aspect of the game. The textures look refined, the animations are of pretty high quality and overall it’s a pretty great looking game that doesn’t cease to impress.

Moving onto the things that are completely unique to each game. One really cool feature about Farmandia is the fact that you’re able to choose between multiple different background music tracks which is great because often times listening to the same track whenever you play the game can be tiring and Farmandia takes place of this issue in the best possible manner. As for Big Farm, well it’s pretty much the only farming game that emphasizes so heavily on PvP aspects in a farming game so there’s a lot in it that you simply cannot find in any other game of the genre.

Lastly, the variety in both Big Farm and Farmandia is pretty incredible. Both games provide you with an immense collection of crops, farm animals, decorations and structures to choose from. The amount of options you have is simply amazing and it is because of this that no matter how long you continue to play these games, they’ll never feel dull because there will always be some kind of crop or animal that you still don’t have on your farm and the best part is that they’re constantly being updated with new content.

Overall, it’s pretty safe to conclude that although both games are quite different in some aspects while remaining similar in others, they’re both amazing games that are capable of providing some great experiences and we certainly recommend that you try them out.

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