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Happy Farm vs My Little Farmies

Rate this Article These two amazing games both have some fantastic things for you to do, but what is it, if anything that makes one better than the other? Farm Games Free - Happy Farm vs My Little Farmies

Both My Little Farmies and Happy Farm are hugely popular farming games and rightly so as they provide their players with a really engaging and addictive experience. In this article we'll be talking about both these games in a bit more detail and discussing what makes them what they are.

Before going into the specifics of each, first it'd be wise to discuss how they're both similar. They're both of course from the same genre which means that the end game goal is quite the same; you must create a massive farm that is prosperous and flourishing with greenery and farm animals wherever you look. Both these games come with some pretty steady progression which makes them not too difficult but at the same time not too easy.

One of the best things about both games is the fact that they don't require players to constantly be active in order to progress as you can simply login, harvest your crops, plant some new ones, queue up a few other things and be on your way. This makes sure that both games can be enjoyed by a wider audience.

Onto their unique elements, let's start with My Little Farmies. Usually farm games have a garden like setting in which there's greenery everywhere and endless fields for as far as you look but that isn't the case here. My Little Farmies strays away a bit from the classic look and instead provides a medieval themed experience which is a nice change of pace for those who want something other than the traditional style that's become so common over the years.

The medieval theme of course means that the gameplay will be slightly altered as well. Alongside planting crops and raising animals, you'll also be constructing things like roads and pathways which will allow your vehicles and villagers to move around the farm with relative ease.

As for Happy Farm, unlike My Little Farmies it doesn't change the setting and provides players with the tried-and-true classic setting that's appealed to massive player-bases over the years. The gameplay is traditional farming style gameplay as you must plant crops, raise animals, harvest your crops, make various kinds of items from your produce that can be sold in the local market and much more.

One advantage that Happy Farm has is the fact that it's Facebook based which means that there are a lot of cool social features for example the ability to visit a friend's farm and help out by harvesting their crops for them or even watering their plants if need be.
Although they may be different in quite a lot of aspects, one thing that both games have is solid variety. There are tons of different crops that you can plant on your farm, multiple different kinds of animals that you can raise and even some cool decorative stuff that you can place for an extra bit of visual flare. This variety is quite essential as it keeps the games from becoming dull in the long run.

Overall, both games have their plus points but in all fairness, one can't be rated over the other since they're equally amazing and fun to play. We definitely recommend that you try both of them out to see just how enjoyable they can be.

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