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Advantages of European Roulette over American Roulette

Rate this Article European and American roulettes may look the same to the unfamiliar and the inexperienced, but they have small but significant differences between the two that make one of the roulettes more profitable to play. Farm Games Free - Advantages of European Roulette over American Roulette

To the unfamiliar, roulette is roulette. The red-and-green-colored wheel may be made from various types of wood with slightly different base styles, but ultimately, the pockets, the ball track, the diamond, and even the rotor look the same for both the American roulette and the European roulette.

However, upon closer inspection, you’ll quickly realize that there are some slight differences between the two. It is these differences that give the European roulette huge advantages over the American roulette.

The Differences between American and European Roulette

As mentioned, there are small but significant differences between the American and European roulettes. For starters, there’s a zero and a double zero pocket on the American roulette wheel as opposed to the single green zero on the European roulette.

The numbers on both wheels are also in different orders. The European roulette has a rather curious numbering system that is designed in a way that no half of the wheel has an overwhelmingly larger number of odd vs even numbers and high vs low numbers. The numbering system on an American roulette is more systematically placed since consecutive numbers are designed to be opposite each other on the wheel.

European vs American roulettes

Advantages of European Roulette over American Roulette

These differences may not sound like much, but you’d be surprised that these very differences account for the whopping 5.26% house advantage that an American roulette has as compared to the lower 2.7% house edge for European roulette. The better odds offered by the European roulette can be mainly attributed to the single zero pocket that the wheel has.

That’s not all, how European roulette is played also plays a role in bringing the house edge down. In the European version, there’s this thing called “En Prison” that, when literally translated, means “In Prison”. However, as foreboding as that may sound, it’s actually good news for the player.

This rule kicks in if you back a 1:1 bet before the spin and the ball ended up landing on the green zero. It doesn’t matter if you backed a red or black, or odd or even, the rule meant that you get to leave your bet where it is for another spin of the wheel. You basically get a stay of execution while other poor players lost their bets.

Of course, there’s also another well-known European roulette trick to ensure you get the best odds that – even money bets. Even money bets have an odds of 44.8% for American roulettes, but those odds are increased to 47.4% for European roulettes, thanks to the single green zero pocket.

Win Big with European Roulette at the Best European Online Casinos

As it stands, if you’re out to play roulette and don’t really care about making a profit, then you should do you by playing whichever roulette you enjoy the most. After all, American roulettes may have a higher house edge but that can mean, to some players, that the roulettes are just that much more thrilling to win at. Plus, the extra betting options can also be fun for some.

However, if you’re out to make a buck by playing roulette and want to have the best possible odds of winning, then you’d want to go with the European roulette the entire way! So, if you want to look for the best European online casinos to play some European roulettes in, you’ll definitely want to check out this website:

Here, they have experienced experts reviewing many of the online casinos out there, helping you separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak, so you can ensure that the online casinos you put your money in are legit and abide by regulations and laws that protect their consumers. It’s really a no-brainer to check out the list of the best European online casinos at and start winning big!

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