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5 Things Missing from Farm Games

Rate this Article We love farm games, but is there something more we could have, lets take a look in this article! Farm Games Free - 5 Things Missing from Farm Games

There's no doubt that farm games are really fun experiences that have a lot of great moments to offer to their players. However, there's also no arguing against the fact that there's always room for some improvement here and there and in this article we'll be talking about a few things that could implemented into farm games in order to make them even better than they currently are.

The following suggestions are simple means to drastically improve any farming game.

1. Larger Variety of Crops
While yes, most modern farming games worth their salt already come with a pretty hefty amount of crops for you to choose from and each one has a different look, yields a different fruit/vegetable and of course has different prices but sometimes as players get used to the game, looking at the same crops over and over again can be slightly off-putting so in this case having some extra types of vegetation would definitely go a long way in giving these games some extra longevity.

2. More Ways to Interact with Animals
Even though farming games allow you to own animals and keep them on your farm. You don't really get to do much with them aside from watching them grow and then taking whatever produce they have to offer. One simple improvement would be implementing more ways in which you can interact with the animals you have on your land. Interaction can be of many types such as petting them, playing with them or even customizing them with some sort of apparel. There are many ways in which this task can be achieved and it's one of the easiest ways to improve the genre.

3. More Social Elements
Currently, the only way you can interact with other friends who also play the same game is that you can go into their farms and help out in various ways by doing things such as watering their crops, harvesting whatever's fully grown and doing other helpful things like pulling out unwanted weeds. While this adds a lot of depth to the game on its own, the games would be a lot better if social features were capitalized on a bit more. Examples of this would be some farming games that allow you to cause a bit of havoc in your friends' areas for some fun which is different from the standard style but at least it feels refreshing.

4. More Room to Expand
As it stands now, there's basically a limit to how much your farm can grow. This is something that's especially troubled veteran players over the years because once they go far enough they seem to hit an area cap and cannot expand their farm's area any further which makes the experience a lot less enjoyable than it was before. There's a simple solution to this which is to basically allow players to purchase more land especially when they're at higher levels.

5. Larger Variety of Decorative Content
While yes, there's no denying that farming games are filled to the brim with great gameplay features capable of keeping anyone entertained but this still doesn't change the fact that they still offer very few ways to enhance your experience visually. One way to fix this would be to add more decorative content to the in-game shops such as statues or beautiful looking plants.

Overall, even though all the suggestions mentioned above would improve any farming game by quite a lot, it still stands that the genre in general is full of amazing games that are great fun to play so you should try them out from time to time.

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