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Classic Farm Games on Facebook

Rate this Article Have you played these three classic farm games on Facebook? Farm Games Free - Classic Farm Games on Facebook

Facebook has become responsible for a surge in online games that somehow don’t require an installer in order to be played. You simply visit the game’s App Page on the popular social media site, and you’re basically good to go to play the game.

Those that have started playing games on Facebook since before its initial public offering (IPO) will be able to follow the evolution of the apps on the website. From simple static imagery to fully three-dimensional worlds, farm games have become one of the highly developed genres of online gaming found on the social networking site alone.

Here are some farm games on Facebook that could be considered “old but gold.” Some of them may have already have been discontinued, but players surely won’t forget these games for all time.

First on the list is FarmVille! Who could ever forget this game from Zynga? For its time, FarmVille had the best graphics in the genre. It even has a soundtrack that many people on Youtube have tried to cover or create their own renditions of. The gameplay is also one of the simplest, despite the game’s appearance -- all you have to do is plant crops, wait for them to be ready for harvest, and you can plow in order to get the plot ready to be planted in again.

There are animals that you can put into your farm on FarmVille, but they’re more of decorations and don’t perform any function in the game.

Who’d forget Farm Town too? There’s a game with the same title existing on Facebook now, but the classic one was unforgettable because of its interactive nature.

The basic mechanics of playing a farm game are there in Farm Town. However, the twist is -- you can hire someone else to do that for you at the Marketplace! Yes, you can hire somebody to plow and to harvest your crops. It’s actually a very innovative concept for its time, however, three-dimensional graphics were not possible yet at that time.

Last but not the least is Barn Buddy. This one has already been discontinued on Facebook, but it has, during its time, gathered some followers on its own.

This is what sets Barn Buddy apart from its contemporaries and even from the ones that follow it -- there are some tasks that add a layer to the experience you get from the game.

For instance, if you’re a prankster, you can choose to wreck your friends’ farms when you visit the instead of helping them out. This also means that your farm could also be ripped apart by your friends, and that’s something you don’t get from other farm games in any website, outside of Facebook.

These are three farm games that should occupy a special part on your memory, if you’ve played them. The new games are definitely amazing, but you could appreciate these games even more if you’ve experienced what these three games talked about in this article are.

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