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Is Pacing Important in a Farm Themed Time Management Game?

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Farm Games Free - Is Pacing Important in a Farm Themed Time Management Game?

There are many factors to consider when playing a game, and time management games are no exceptions to the rule.

One of the factors that concern people when playing TM games, especially those that are themed after farms, is pacing. When one says pacing, it means the pace at which things unfold in the game. It may sound off when you wonder why people would worry about pacing in a time-management game, but it’s actually an important feature that can make or break a game.

Let’s review how a time-management game is played. First off, you’re given fixed goals. In games like Farm Frenzy Inc., you’re tasked to, say, sell 20 eggs, acquire 3 chickens, and produce 5 pies. You must achieve these goals within a specific amount of time in order to acquire trophies. There are only two trophies for each level - Gold and Bronze.

Each element in the level, like the chickens that produce the eggs and the refinery that makes the flour, operate according to their own pre-programmed rate of time. A chicken may take, say 20 seconds to produce an egg, after which the egg is passed on to a refinery to make flour, itself taking another 30 seconds. This duration is, as what you’ve already surmised, what makes up the pace of the game.

Now, planning is important when you’re playing farm themed TM games. A solid plan of attack makes sure that you’re able to maximize the time available to you and minimize the time consumed in trying to hit the level’s goals. To plan, you will need to take into account each element’s pace. This is where you can gauge whether you are comfortable with how the game is paced.

You know how it goes, especially when you’ve already acquired a lot of experience in playing TM games. A game that gives you very little time to hit the goals, but burdens you with a pace that’s too slow, is more likely to discourage you from going through the more advanced levels of the game. A badly paced game feels frustrating, especially to those who are always seeking to set stellar time records when playing TM games.

On the other hand, a well-balanced time management game will inspire you to challenge yourself more, because you know that the pace is manageable and the challenges are surmountable.

Good thing that there are a lot of time management games that you can purchase from Big Fish. Through its Game Manager app, the website lets you try them out for 60 to 90 minutes before you’re asked to buy the game. This is an opportunity for you to sample the game and measure its pace before you commit yourself and your bank account to a purchase.

Make no mistake about it - TM games are full of fun and highly challenging, but some games are paced differently from the others. It now depends on your preferences on pacing, whether you enjoy some games or not.

Check out our website for information on what time management games are highly recommended for you to play.

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