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5 More Farm Games You Can Still Play on Facebook 2022

Rate this Article Missing those days where you can farm while logged in on Facebook? These games will relive those moments. Farm Games Free - 5 More Farm Games You Can Still Play on Facebook 2022

The introduction of FarmVille made it clear that you can farm, make friends, and have fun while logged in to your social media. It was one of the biggest names in Facebook gaming history.

Admit it. We miss all the fun of the good ol’ days when all the gaming we needed was a web browser and an internet connection. The good news is that there are good farm games out there that you can play. True to the Facebook roots, you can start playing as long as your account is logged in.

Happy Acres

Happy Acres

Are you looking for a more traditional way to play a social farm game? Happy Acres is going to satisfy your desire. Those who are into the older farm game formats will appreciate the familiarity of many of the mechanics found in this title.

Building designs, animal characters, and crop animations hark back to the glory days of the social farm gaming generation. Farm expansion and the achievement tier system are some of the seamless mechanics added to the game. You can quickly visit your friends’ farms and help them manage crops and produce by clicking on their respective profile icons on the action bar below.

Read up some more on Happy Acres before giving it a try.

Royal Story

Royal Story

Set in a fantasy era of glorious castles, magical lands, and mystical people, Royal Story combines familiar farming tasks and fairy tale world aesthetics. This title is slightly more task-centric compared to the usual farm game. You are exposed to a quest system, much like a simpler version of those found in role-playing games.

The game uses a stamina system, but don’t fret. You can call upon your friends for energy. They can also send you gifts that can help develop your estate further.

Did that get your interest? Please read up on our review about it to help you decide.

Farm Town

Farm Town

This is one of few titles that came out almost at the same time as the famed FarmVille. The play style is different. Farm Town has more farming simulator elements than social aspects, making this single-player friendly.

You’re in charge of tilling the soil, planting the crops, harvesting your produce, and selling them for profit. There’s more to this game than farming. You can purchase and run other businesses to augment your income.

Of course, what is a farmer after all without proper tools of the trade? Acquire new implements, upgrade existing tools, and make work easier by taking advantage of this game’s farm equipment system.

Read up on what we think about Farm Town here.

Charm Farm

Charm Farm

This fantasy farm simulator has an interesting mix of mechanics that makes it more than a regular farming title with fancy skins. Charm Farm has a few unique tricks up its sleeve.

You explore an enchanted forest where you’ll have to make use of the land to continue your journey. The usual tasks are available for you to sink time in. Plant crops, harvest them, and use them for direct selling or crafting. The stamina system here is represented by mana. You can get them from all over the map to reduce your dependence on the game’s social function.

There’s help in the form of Shmoos. These magical creatures can do tasks and even look after your farm when you’re logged out of the game. Users who plan on spending less time playing will benefit from this without a doubt.

Check out this review for other information.

Country Life Meadows

Country Life Meadows

Take charge of your patch of land at Woodburn in Country Life Meadows. If a more traditional approach to pixel farms is what you’re after, then this is a title worth checking out.

The game makes use of a task system that updates a new item on your to-do list with every feature unlocked. Farms can be customized to how the player wants them to look. There are many things to do, yet they don’t feel all over the place that you’ll get lost working your way through the content. Expect none of the fantasy elements that make quite a stir with other Facebook farming titles.

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Are you looking for more farm games to try? Log on to Farm Games Free or Virtual Worlds Land to view our vast collection of reviews. There’s always a great farm game for every platform.

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