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Exciting Farm Games

Rate this Article There are a lot of different styles of game to choose from and here we bring you some of the fastest and most fun farm games. Farm Games Free - Exciting Farm Games

The genre of farming games is a great one as it has provided players with some really exciting and enjoyable games over the years. In this article we’ll be talking about some of the best games that have surfaced from it and discussing a little bit about what makes them so great.

There are many factors that influence whether a farm game be considered top tier. The first trait that each high quality farming game should have is longevity. A game that’s enjoyable only for the first few hours of play can’t really thrive which is why most games from this genre that are worth their salt generally have a lot of progression. Players get to level up, expand their farm, unlock new features, plant new kinds of crops and so much more as they progress through the game. The fact that there’s always something to look forward to makes these games worth every minute you play them.

Another thing about any great farming game is that it should excel in terms of visuals. Of course due to the nature of this genre, there’s not a lot of room to implement high quality textures or CGI cut-scenes but instead there are various other things that make a farm game visually appealing such bright color scheme and a significant amount of detail within each object and environment.

The following games are without a doubt some of the most exciting and addictive that this genre has to offer.

Farmville 2

Successor to the immensely popular Farmville, Farmville 2 is one of the few farm games that actually come close to perfection. The game offers superb gameplay and there’s tons of content that players can look forward to while they progress through. The variety of animals and crops is incredible and there are tons of ways to expand your farm beyond the original size. The top notch gameplay is accompanied by some solid visuals that round the game off nicely.

Astro Garden

The thing that got Astro Garden a spot on this list is the fact that it’s a really unique game. Merging sci-fi concepts with farm game elements seems like a rather peculiar idea but this game makes it works and it does an excellent job of it. The gameplay is highly engaging and you could basically play for hours upon hours each day and still not have seen everything it has to offer. The unique theme also makes for some rather interesting visuals that are certain to impress.


Farmerama is a top tier game because it basically does everything. The gameplay is without a doubt some of the best that this genre has to offer since there are tons of different crops to plant, animals to raise, products to sell and also structures to construct. You can expand your farm as much as your heart desires and all this is accompanied by a rather distinct art style that ties everything together nicely.

Goodgame: Big Farm

Similar to Farmerma, Goodgame: Big Farm isn’t the kind of game that tries to change up the formula in any significant way but instead only focuses on getting the basics pulled off right which it definitely does so. The gameplay is more than capable of keeping anyone entertained for countless hours and the high quality execution of the visuals make this a delight for the eyes.

Happy Acres

Although the play-style of Happy Acres is pretty reminiscent of traditional farm games and that’ great but the real highlight about it is the really cute and unique art style. The animals look extremely cute, the color palette is bright which games the game visually appealing and above all else there are some top notch animations which round things off nicely.

When all is said and done, the games mentioned above are those that we believe are some of the best, if not the best, that have surfaced in this genre. In light of this we recommend that you try them out to see for yourself all the things that make them great.

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