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Why is "Farmer" a Great Farming Game?

Rate this Article "Farmer" is keen on sharing the same farming stuff you would typically enjoy in a simulation game - However, everything delivered in a completely different fashion that will definitely blow you away!

In this article we’re going to break down and analyze what it has to offer and why it makes a great farming game.
Farm Games Free - Why is "Farmer" a Great Farming Game?

It feels just like yesterday that we enjoy farming simulation games over different console platforms like that of the harvest moon series. As online gaming placed us through a storm of games from the recent years, new types of games came about and took a following from the masses. Including which, the FarmVille gained much popularity among the rest. Suddenly, you get to enjoy all the fun aspects of farming, enjoy different activities therein, and socialize with live players at the same time.

The most important promising feature that these games have is that they are relatively free of charge, and are quite easy to access for as long as you have an account over the social network site. And alas, we have the boom of patrons to follow them, as well as the rise of different online farming simulator titles to be followed all the same.

Farm games hold a lot of promise for eager players. Mainly, we get to enjoy the different activities held in the real life farming. It showers us points of interests to grow in, and manage to keep relative progress within the game. Even more, players now get to interact with other live farmers (players of the farming game), share produce with them, trade goods, sell, or simply hangout with and help within each and everyone’s very own farm fields.

One of which holds great promise, the game “Farmer”. In this unique farming simulation game, you get to squander out your city life and adapt to the farm life over the countryside. Initially, you’ll be a new face in the town, introduced and helped by several in-game folks within the town.

In the game, you’ll mainly invest on a tractor to get you work for other people in the town plowing their fields, clearing it up, harvesting, and do other farming chores and jobs you can get your hands on. In return, you get rewarded with resources to upgrade your tractor, purchase personal stuff to upgrade your looks, and ultimately gain access towards higher paying customers in the game to share progress within the game.

Farmer takes the repetitive chore of farming we are used to be endowed with the lot of farming simulator titles and revamped it through its own unique and surprising approach, making it innovatively fun and simply just a wonderful experience. Not limited to this, it also houses a variety of activities to do and perform in the game, and shall render any player busy enjoying the game.

As farming games reached peak popularity, several re-skins of games rise and gave us quite the redundant feel of doing the same old activities repetitively with a few patches of tweaks to separate them from one another. The result, we grew stale from these stereotypes and found ourselves even fed up with farming simulator games. To date, a few farming titles still try to kick in to the list of popular games, with more polished visuals, and relatively more complex activities to share to its players. The bottom line, it is not the trend that makes up a game, it is the sheer quality that really makes them sell.

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