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Happy Acres vs Barn Buddy

Rate this Article This article will tackle the features of Barn Buddy and Happy Acres, as well as differentiate the two from one another Farm Games Free - Happy Acres vs Barn Buddy

With so many games in the market, you might want to limit your options down to a few. You don’t have the time, after all, to play all of these except perhaps to try them out. To help you save time in finding the best game for you, here are two games that we’d like to recommend to you.

This article will tackle the features of Barn Buddy and Happy Acres, as well as differentiate the two from one another. In the end, we hope that you take enough out from this article to take your pick at which one you’ll want to play…or even both if you have time enough on your hands.

Okay, let’s begin with the gameplay. This is a factor that both games have a lot more similarities than differences. Both games retain the core mechanics. As the player, you’ll be tasked with growing your farm and producing commodities that you can sell to the market for profit. In Happy Acres, you can also produce more than just crops – you can also harvest eggs and milk from livestock.

What sets Barn Buddy apart is a feature in its social aspect that allows you to annoy your neighbors if you’re feeling like doing so at any time. You can visit your neighbors, help them out if you like, or, if you want to get even, send bugs over to infest their farms or plant weeds that will kill their crops. Bear in mind, though, that your neighbors can do the same for you as well.

It does add a bit of an excitement to your game experience. There’s always that feeling of anxiety, or even apprehension, that neighbors can come at your farm anytime and destroy almost everything you’ve worked hard to create in there.

When it comes to the amount of expansion that you can do for your farm, Happy Acres trumps any other competition. The expanse of land that’s available for you in Happy Acres is virtually the largest in the farm game genre! So, feel free to grow your farm up to the edges of your imagination, as this game’s boundaries are sure to exceed even that.

Barn Buddy also attempts to inject another of realism to its gameplay. Every once in a while, you could find yourself dealing with bugs eating away at your crops. As mentioned earlier, this could be a result of a neighbor’s un-neighborly conduct towards you, but it can also come naturally at random moments in your playing.

They can be easily dealt with, but it does eat up a few seconds of your precious gameplay time. Whoever said farming was easy and smooth-sailing, anyway?

As is the norm in the genre, both games provide you with a very short tutorial that teaches you the basics of planting, harvesting and selling your produce. If you’re a seasoned farm gamer, you could bypass these easily.

Which one is better than the other? If you’re a fan of expanding and using your creativity to build a productive and beautiful farm, then Happy Acres is the one for you. If you feel like experiencing something new, then Barn Buddy will definitely suit your taste.

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