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3D Virtual World Farm
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Experience a fascinating and exciting farm game filled with tons of challenges for you to complete.

Help out your neighbors or if you feel like causing some mischief, sabotage their farms to put yourself at an advantage.

Turn your simple little patch of land into a flourishing and amazing farm filled with crops of different kinds.

Barn Buddy is a fun and addictive Facebook based farming game that is much more than meets the eye. While it may seem like another regular addition to an already overcrowded genre at first glance, you’ll notice that as you play through the game there are certain features that haven’t ever been seen in other farming games and these unique aspects make Barn Buddy a cut above the rest of the crowd.

As usual, when you start the game off you’ll only be given a relatively small patch of land and some seeds to start your farming career with. Aside from this you’ll also be given a small tutorial that explains all the basics of the game but unfortunately this tutorial has no rewards for completing it but it does teach you some useful things about the game.

The core gameplay at the heart of Barn Buddy will feed reminiscent to that of other farming games. You’ll have to plant seeds then water them and wait for them to grow into crops. Once you have these crops you can harvest them and sell them off for a profit which will go into helping you build your farm.

One small gameplay flaw in Barn Buddy is that it forces you to do things that are often times unnecessary such as using bug spray. Often times your plants will be infested with bugs and you’ll simply have to use the spray to get rid of them, this doesn’t really add any real gameplay depth and only makes for a tedious task.

Going into the most interesting aspect of game, it’s common for every farming game to have the neighbor system where neighboring farmers can help you out by watering your crops and such while you’re out but Barn Buddy takes it a tad bit farther by giving you the freedom to either help them out or do the opposite.

Instead of helping out the other person, you can choose to cause chaos on their farm by causing things like rapid weed growth or some bug infestations. This means that players will constantly have to be on the lookout for their farm so that others don’t end up wrecking it.

In terms of graphics, Barn Buddy looks really nice. Of course there aren’t any super high resolution textures since this is a browser based game but it still manages to look great due to the brightly colored graphics coupled with the clean object designs and on top of this watching a fully built farm that is filled with crops is just delightful.

Barn Buddy, like a lot of farming games nowadays, has multiple micro-transaction options you can utilize. The game allows you to purchase things like Coins or Credits for real world money and both these currencies can be used in the shop to purchase things like animals or seeds for new crops.

Barn Buddy is a really good farming game with an interesting new gameplay element that sets it apart from the crowed and makes it an overall really fun experience. Barn Buddy Summary

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