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Postări mai Vechi joi, martie 29, 2018

Joc Nou Adăugat: Howdy Farm

Howdy Farm Squash and Acorns Howdy Farm Onions Howdy Farm Corn and Onion Play an extraordinary farm game that combines the familiar gameplay with Match 3 rules.

Clear the board for as long as you can: when space runs out, game is over.

Get as high a score as you can.
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luni, martie 26, 2018

Joc Nou Adăugat: Family Farm: Good Folks

People working in Family Farm: Good Folks Citizens talking in Family Farm: Good Folks Man and the animals in Family Farm: Good Folks Live the farm life in Family Farm: Good Folks and bring life back to a quiet and desolate village.

Build a homestead, plant crops, and care for livestock to harvest and sell what they give.

Cook meals and manage the happiness of the folks that are coming to the village to have a good life.
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vineri, martie 23, 2018

Joc Nou Adăugat: FarmCliff

FarmCliff: Harvesting crops Restoring a mine in FarmCliff FarmCliff: Raise animals Work to restore your farm after it has been devastated by a massive storm

Harvest crops, raise animals, and gather resources from your surroundings

Travel to different locations to gather special resources to craft tools and building materials
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marţi, martie 20, 2018

Joc Nou Adăugat: Farland

Farland: Saving Helga Crops ready for harvest in Farland Farland: Raise adorable animals Rescue your shipwrecked crew and build a new life for yourself in the wilderness known as Farland

Plant and harvest a variety of crops, fish for fishes, and raise many types of animals

Collect resources from your surroundings be it stone, wood or grass
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sâmbătă, martie 17, 2018

Joc Nou Adăugat: Castaway Paradise

Castaway Paradise gameplay Castaway Paradise exploring the world Castaway Paradise starting off Do anything your heart desires in this delightful sandbox game that doesn’t limit players in any way.

Explore a tropical island that’s filled to the brim with sights to see and things to do.

Complete tons upon tons of different quests that’ll give you many generous rewards for your effort.
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miercuri, martie 14, 2018

Joc Nou Adăugat: Journey 2050

Journey 2050 gameplay Journey 2050 growing crops Journey 2050 giving nutrients to a crop Enjoy this exciting farming game that’s going to teach you tons upon tons of helpful things.

Complete all the assigned tasks as quickly as you can to get a high rating at the end.

Monitor the health of your crops to ensure that they grow properly.
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duminică, martie 11, 2018

Joc Nou Adăugat: Harvest Seasons

Harvest Seasons gameplay Harvest Seasons building a city Harvest Seasons purchasing upgrades Play this highly innovative game that brings together the very best elements of multiple different genres.

Plant crops on your farm and sell them to collect income that can be used to build up your city.

Upgrade your crops as the game goes on to significantly increase their yields.
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joi, martie 8, 2018

Joc Nou Adăugat: Farm Slam

Gameplay in Farm Slam Farm Slam: Dropping pies Restoring the barn in Farm Slam Match various farm produce to collect them from the board

Use the many special crops and power-ups to overcome obstacles

Collect energy to place décor and use materials to restore rundown buildings
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luni, martie 5, 2018

Joc Nou Adăugat: Farmer Life

Farmer Life: Factory - wheat grinder Harvesting wheat in Farmer Life Farmer Life: Feed animals Grow a wide variety of crops and turn them into processed goods

Raise farm animals and feed them to get milk and eggs

Sell your farm produce and goods at the Farm Order board
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joi, martie 1, 2018

Joc Nou Adăugat: Happy Chicken Town

Happy Chicken Town starting off Happy Chicken Town gameplay Happy Chicken Town in-game shop Manage your very own restaurant and farm in this highly addicting game that brings together the best elements of two different genres.

Prepare delicious meals to ensure that all your customers leave the restaurant satisfied.

Turn your relatively small piece of land into a flourishing farm that’ll provide all the produce needed for your restaurant to flourish.
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