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Dodano Nową Grę: Star Stable

Our Star Stable Horses are Always Happy! We love fast riding! Ride our Horses with the Wind! Sunset Star Stable Horse The Horses on Star Stable are amazing! We Love our Star Stable Horse Zagraj w Star Stable, najlepszy konny świat 3D, eksploruj Jorvik, ujeżdżaj swoim koniem gdziekolwiek i nawiązuj nowe znajomości w trakcie.

Stwórz własną postać i wybierz swojego ulubionego konia.

Eksploruj ogromny świat w oszałamiającym 3D.

Zabierz siebie i swojego konia na fantastyczną przygodę.
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Stop the Gwonks from Ruining Halloween in Charm Farm

Stop the Gwonks from Ruining Halloween in Charm Farm Oh no! The mischievous Gwonks are at it again! They are determined to ruin the Halloween part thrown by the inhabitants of the Magic Forest and we can't have that now, can we? Czytaj Dalej
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Welcome the Festive Season with Amazing Bonuses in Klondike

Welcome the Festive Season with Amazing Bonuses in Klondike Check out these special Christmas bonuses in Klondike! Czytaj Dalej
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Knights and Brides: Be My Valentine

Knights and Brides: Be My Valentine Celebrate Valentine's day with fun events in Knights and Brides! Czytaj Dalej
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Celebrate the Festive Season in Family Barn

Celebrate the Festive Season in Family Barn Special Christmas bonuses await you in Family Barn! Czytaj Dalej
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Dodano Nową Grę: Family Nest: Family Relics

Family Nest: Family Relics buying animals Family Nest: Family Relics gameplay Family Nest: Family Relics world map Play through this immersive farming game that offers a memorable and highly enjoyable experience.

Build up a massive farm and sell your products for profit by completing orders.

Enjoy delightful mini-games along your journey that add a great deal of depth to the experience.
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Dodano Nową Grę: Runaway Pets - Farm Adventure

Runaway Pets - Farm Adventure gameplay Runaway Pets - Farm Adventure building the herd Runaway Pets - Farm Adventure skins Enjoy this truly refreshing game that’s quite unlike anything else out there.

Test your skills in the IO-style gameplay in which you’ll have to survive against challenging odds.

Play the game in the comfort of your phone whenever your heart desires.
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środa, grudnia 7, 2022

Dodano Nową Grę: Roots of Tomorrow

Choosing character in the game Selecting a payment strategy Roots of Tomorrow gameplay Play this exceptional farming simulator game that takes this genre to an absolutely new level.

Hire employees, assign them work, and check their progress.

Unlock new farming supplies and innovative techniques.
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sobota, grudnia 3, 2022

Dodano Nową Grę: Cooking Farm

Playing the game Using the Freeze booster Completing an upgrade Run a farm and produce goods for the townspeople.

Use Boosters in case things get too tight.

Upgrade your facilities to provide better service.
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piątek, listopada 25, 2022

Dodano Nową Grę: Farmer's Fairy Tale

Farmer's Fairy Tale gameplay Selling farming products in the game Harvesting crops in the game Join hands with Lana as she, and her wonderful family, decide to turn their farm into a profitable one in this delightful game.

Raise animals, harvest crops, and sell all your farming products.

Utilize your profits to grow your farm even further and expand it as much as possible.
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poniedziałek, listopada 21, 2022

Dodano Nową Grę: Hedgies by Games Extras

Hedgies gameplay Harvesting tomatoes in Hedgies Collecting wood in the game Immerse yourself in this exception casual farming game that’ll keep you glued to the screen.

Perform fun-filled farming activities and expand your farm.

Get your hands on the best of supplies and structures as you progress.
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czwartek, listopada 17, 2022

Dodano Nową Grę: Farm Battle

Farm Battle gameplay Harvesting vegetables in the game Upgrading truck capacity in the game Get hooked on this truly unique farming game in which you’ll be able to play however your heart desires.

Raise a variety of different animals so that you can collect their produce and sell it in the market.

Utilize your profits to grow your farm even further and expand it as much as possible.
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niedziela, listopada 13, 2022

Dodano Nową Grę: Tropical Merge

Merging items in the game Purchasing fruits in Tropical Merge Tropical Merge gameplay Help Alice and her friends restore their island back to its former glory in this delightful merging puzzle game.

Play through tons of challenging levels and quests.

Unlock new buildings and resources.
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środa, listopada 9, 2022

Dodano Nową Grę: Idle Farming Adventure

Idle Farming Adventure gameplay Achievements of the farm Delivering farm products in Idle Farming Adventure Enjoy this delightful mobile-based game that blends farming and idling gameplay into a single package.

Progress through tons of engaging levels in which your abilities will be put to the test.

Hire employees to automate your farm and increase your profits.
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sobota, listopada 5, 2022

Dodano Nową Grę: Mini Mini Farm

Fishing in the game Mini Mini Farm gameplay Picking oranges in the game Play this unique and refreshing farming game that’s quite unlike any other we’ve come across before.

Immerse yourself in the exciting story that’ll have you captivated until the end.

Build an enormous farm with various types of crops and livestock.
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