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Facebook Simulation 3D Farm
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Happy Acres is a Facebook based farming game that utilizes traditional farming game mechanics and upgrades them a bit further by adding new features to play with and new products to create. Overall, the game is really well built and never does it have any technical issues such as in-game glitches; a really enjoyable experience capable of pleasing anyone.

The game’s first few minutes consist of a sort of tutorial that you’re basically forced to follow. In this tutorial, your farming assistant will keep on assigning you daily farming tasks and then will tell you how to complete these tasks. You cannot do anything besides these tasks during the tutorial so it gets rather tedious. The tutorial manages to cover all the necessary basics about the game so once you’re done with it you’ll be well on your way to creating a flourishing farm. It’s also worth pointing out that you receive a good bit of currency for completing the assigned tasks.

Moving on, Happy Acres provides your regular farming gameplay with some new elements to see from time to time. The core gameplay is pretty standard, plant seeds, harvest crops, buy animals, raise animals, harvest things like eggs/milk from animals, level up to unlock new things, buy decorative stuff for your farm from the store, setup buildings like mills to help you process your raw farm goods and complete the daily tasks to earn extra gold. At first glance it seems to be a normal farming game but it does have some unique things going for it for example the ability to expand your farm to an enormous degree or the really well implemented achievement system.

While normal farming games allow you to expand, none of them come even close the amount of expansion that you can do in Happy Acres so later on in the game you’ll have a lot of space to play with which is something that farming games nowadays lack.

Of course there are a lot of social features in the game that makes playing with friends a lot more fun. You can visit each other’s farm, give each other gifts and even help them out by harvesting their crops for them when they aren’t available.

Visually speaking, while it may not have those high definition graphics of modern times, Happy Acres is still a very good looking game. The color palette is really bright and things like building designs, animal designs and all related stuff are really well executed. To add onto this, the game has a really sharp look which puts it a cut above its competition when it comes to graphics.

There are two currencies in Happy Acres, one is gold and the other currency is gems. Gold is the standard while Gems are the premium currency that can be utilized to buy certain unique items that you otherwise couldn’t with gold. Both of these can be purchased with real world money by going through the in-game micro-transactions.

Happy Acres is a really well executed farming game that delivers in both visuals and gameplay aspects. Happy Acres Summary

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