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2016 Le Jeu Farm Le Plus Jou

2016 Farm Jeux
10 Family Farm Seaside

Family Farm Seaside

FarmManagement Enjoy all the staples of a farming game on your mobile devices.

Get to work on neighbor farms to earn extra experience points and credits.

Never grow tired of repetitive tasks with so many quests and achievements to fill you up with progress.
8 Joué
9 Happy Harvest

Happy Harvest

FarmManagement Buy crops, plant them and harvest so you can sell them for profit.

Use your earnings to buy more land, or to customize your house.

Take your time in this game – it’s as close to life as you can imagine.
9 Joué
8 Family Big Farm

Family Big Farm

AnimalsFarmFamily Plant crops, feed the animals, and manage a farm.

Earn virtual money by selling crops and animals.

Enjoy a Facebook game with a variety of challenges.
10 Joué
7 Cartoon City: Farm to Village

Cartoon City: Farm to Village

FarmManagement Transform a small rural town into a bustling metropolis.

Send harvests to your businesses, while assisting citizens and visitors alike with tasks.

Experience a new way of playing farm games.
13 Joué
6 Dairy Farm

Dairy Farm

AnimalsModern SettingFarm Take care of your own farm

Raise and care for farm animals

Grow and Harvest your own products
13 Joué
5 Village and Farm

Village and Farm

Farm Get to play your favorite simulation game on your mobile devices.

Enjoy co-op play with hundreds of thousands of active players at a time.

Never grow tired of repetitive tasks with so many options to fill your progress in the game.
15 Joué
4 Hay Day

Hay Day

Farm Own your very own patch of raw land and transform it to a bustling farm-produce factory.

Grow various fruits, veggies, and add in some variety of livestock to turn in a profit.

Dedicate raw material onto processing plants to earn more precious products to sell.
15 Joué
3 Green Farm 3

Green Farm 3

AnimalsFarm Play this exciting farm game that’s sure to get players hooked from the very first minute.

Fill your farm with many beautiful animals that will help it grow bigger and better.

Expand your farm to new areas in order to make it better than any other farm out there.
30 Joué
2 Funky Bay

Funky Bay

AnimalsBuildingTime ManagementFarmManagement Manage your own farm, make produce and sell it to your customers in Funky Bay.

Build different shops and produce valuable eatables from raw produce.

Sell your items to your customers and trade your produce with the city to earn revenue.
200 Joué
1 Taonga


FarmManagement Build your own farm in an abandoned island together with your helpers.

Harvest resources and fulfill orders in order to accumulate funds that you’ll need to develop the island.

Invite your friends to play and take on tasks together for rewards.
312 Joué