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Why Are Games from Monstera Games Platform a Valid Option in Monetizing Your Website?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen If you want to know how to earn some money off your website or further increase your revenue, come check out how the games from Monstera Games Platform is a valid option for monetizing your website. Farm Spiele kostenlos - Why Are Games from Monstera Games Platform a Valid Option in Monetizing Your Website?

Adding browser games to your website is relatively easy nowadays, thanks to HTML5. Users no longer need to download any software or plugins, like Flash back in the day. Instead, they can play games directly, whether on a desktop browser or a mobile one.

With that said, if you're planning to make money with browser games, you can quickly get it done via the Monstera Games Platform.

What is Monstera Games Platform?

Monstera Games is a gaming studio founded by Pikoya, a leader in online marketing technology. They are focused on providing their clients with HTML5 games they can use to earn money on their website. The company is also knowledgeable in handling Google's AdSense to help match the ads based on the type of visitors you have on your website.

How can you monetize games?

You can make money on your site by selling ad space to companies that want to advertise their products. There has to be a lot of traffic generated, and your content has to entice people into visiting and staying. With Monstera Games Platform, you can offer your visitors HTML5 games that suit the theme you are going for, and you can choose among a list of over 100 original H5 games in different genres.

Examples of awesome H5 games you can integrate into your website.

The mechanics of these titles you can find are simple and can be easily enjoyed by players of all ages. They are designed to have a friendly user interface and uncomplicated controls. The graphics and animation are top-notch and make the experience fun and entertaining. You can even change the view to full-screen if the usual one is a bit too small for you.

1. Western Shooter

Shooting the bottles off in Western Shooter

Have fun with this wild west-themed first-person shooting game that tests your aim and reflexes. You only need to use your mouse and left click to shoot your gun, while reloading requires just another tap. The normal weapon you use is a revolver having six bullets and a bit of delay after each shot. You can earn while using this game by viewing an ad that lets you equip the Tommy gun with the automatic setting and way more bullets in its magazine.

2. Marbles Bubbles

Having some fun with cards in Marbles Bubbles

Play some marbles and fire your cannon to pop them all off before they reach and crush you from above. You also use your mouse to aim and shoot while the time ticks off and the platform goes down. The marbles can easily be distinguished from each other as the colors are distinct and quickly spotted. You can make money with this browser game by letting you continue your progress if you fail to clear the table and the round is over. The visitors can view an ad and get an additional life.

3. Spaceship Spider

Shooting the marbles off in Spaceship Spider

Have some fun with an HTML5 game of cards in an excellent version of Spider Solitaire. Choose to play single or double suits and try to arrange them in order from Ace going to King. See if you can complete all the decks and clear the table. The method to make money with this game is thru the Hint and Undo option, which is given for free once, and then needs to view an ad on succeeding uses.

To sum it all up, there are several reasons why you should consider Monstera Games Platform as the primary option if you want to monetize HTML5 games on your website. More games aside from the ones listed above can meet your requirements and be the right fit for your visitors. So try it out now - and start making some money.

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