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Tips for New Players in Taonga - Part 1: Energy Gain and Management

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Are you new to the brilliant farm game, Taonga? Well, you'll want to take notes! Farm Spiele kostenlos - Tips for New Players in Taonga - Part 1: Energy Gain and Management

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - Taonga is not your typical farm game. The game is instead incredibly strategic in the sense that once you reach a certain stage in the gameplay, you’ll find that, for instance, energy management is incredibly important and you might start to regret some of the “energy wastage” you might have indulged in.

Well, worry no more! We’ve gone through the entire “new player” once again just so we could craft up this helpful list of tips that new players in Taonga might want to take note! After all, we did manage to get to level 10 within hours of starting a new game, so get out your notepads and get writing!

Energy Gain and Management

Taonga like most free-to-play games tend to start new players off with an abundant of energy, which would become a limiting factor once you hit level 6 or so – note that the maximum capacity of energy in the game is around 20-21, which is incredibly low, and will increase by 1 as you progress. However, there are several ways you can earn a sizeable amount of them and these “ways” are what you should be focusing on. After all, without energy, there isn’t much you can do in the game.

1. Quests
Starter quests are usually very easy to complete and rewards you with a ton of energy and experience points, so you’ll want to do so as soon as you can. Spend the bulk of energy you have at the start focusing on these quests.

2. Leveling Up
You can earn experience points (EXP) by doing most of the energy-consuming chores around your farm and that’s what you should be focusing on. However, in lieu of chores to do, you can also get a handful of EXPs by fulfilling orders on the map. Note that energy you gain from leveling up is added to the energy you already have, so there’s no worries about wasting energy you’d gain if you level up before you drain your energy meter.

Taonga: Fulfilling orders on the map

3. Power of the Dragon Runic Boost
At a certain point, you’ll gain access to a special quest which would require you to travel to Island of the Toru Kai Tangata Village to visit the local High Shaman. The goal here is to find your spirit rune but there’s a whole chain of quests you’ll need to do before you can get that rune. Once you got it though, the boost will last for a limited time, allowing you to regenerate 2 energy points rather than just 1.

However, note that you’ll only start regenerating energy once you’ve drained your energy anywhere below the maximum capacity and that would only happen once you reach level 5-6, so make sure you only get the boost started when you’re at around that stage in the game.

4. Scouring the Beaches
Although you usually won’t get a whole lot of energy this way, if you’re just missing a few, you can try looking around the beach that surrounds your farm. Every sea creature (starfish, crab, shell/clam) here can be clicked on to earn you 1-2 energy points. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a washed-up chest. The chest will require 10 energy to open but the loot it gives you is worth so much more, so make sure you open it asap!

Taonga: Scouring the beaches

5. Clearing trees and stones
Clearing stones and trees (including bamboo and clay deposits) in this game will reward you with a treasure chest. The chest usually contains several rare materials as well as a bunch of free energy. Due to this, it’s important to focus on clearing trees and stones completely and to do that, you’ll want to aim for trees and stones with low number of deposits.

Once you have your Lumberjack and Stone Quarry built, you’ll also want to assign your workers on trees and stones that have very high number of deposits. They will help whittle the number of deposits down to a more manageable number for you since the game has a weird restriction whereby if you don’t have enough energy, you can’t gather resources from deposits with a high deposit number.

6. Completing Daily Tasks
Some of the tasks on your Daily Tasks list will reward you with a handful of energy points so make sure to focus on these as much as you can. It’s also good to complete as many of the quests as you can due to the other rewards, specifically the coins, you can get in return.

7. Free Energy Chests on Islands
Once you get your boat up and running, you should be able to get a free energy chest, containing up to 30 energy points – you’ll have to look around for it though! - on the first island you visit for the day.

Read on and discover more tips in our Tips for New Players in Taonga - Part 2!

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