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Farm Games and Innovations

Diesen Artickel einschätzen As we get to enjoy a lot of farming simulation games at present, we gained quite an experience from each one of them - teaching us stuff like the actual terms in farming and the different activities for us there to do.

In this following article, we'll tackle three unique games, that introduced us to renewable farming concepts, as well as for those that showcased a form of innovation. Let's all learn new farming stuff from these games!
Farm Spiele kostenlos - Farm Games and Innovations

Throughout the world, there is a rise among new found ways of farming. More specifically, sustainable farming -- showcasing an innovative way to produce and distribute food. With a great leap in technology, Food can now be grown on rooftops, in community gardens and basically anywhere there is space.

Not limited to this, innovation can also be seen with entirely uncommon methods the farming like that with hydrophonics. These new found ways of farming changes to whole concept of how we produce food, as well as gets us maximizing the yield of each batch. As pioneers work hard to excel and prevail on this technology, it is nice to get people accustomed to these relatively new found methods of farming.

With these three games on our list, we get to see that there is more to farming than just plowing the fields, planting seeds, and irrigation. Similarly, they share a bit of knowledge to the players, that there exists, more sustainable ways of farming.

Starting with the list, we have the game Eco Farm. Eco Farm is pretty much one of the best, if not the best, city builder experiences that today’s games have to offer. The key thing players look for in these games is a good variety of things to do and this game certainly delivers. There are tons of structures that you can construct and each structure has a unique function of its own.

Certain buildings work to increase production of various different resources while other buildings produce things such as food to provide income for your city. There are also some pretty neat farming elements implemented into the mix as well and you’ll have a ton of crops to choose from that you can harvest and sell for currency and turn into higher value products if you prefer.

A really good thing about Eco Farm’s gameplay is that you’re always assigned tasks to complete that are constantly being updated. The main thing these tasks do is that they give players a good sense of direction and alongside this they’re also quite rewarding so completing some tasks can be quite helpful at times when you’re a bit short on currency.

Next we have the game Farm Smart. This game is not your ordinary online farming game. As its name suggests, you don’t just plant your crops and wait to harvest them after a specific amount of time. You have to do some studying and analysis as well of weather forecasts to make your decision on which plants will actually grow, and will not wither after the amount of time specified before it can be harvested.

When you start the game, you are given a bare patch of land that is 6 rows of 5 plots each. This means that you can plant and harvest as many as 30 crops at each time. However, that also carries a certain risk: if the weather conditions are not favorable to the crops’ growth, you could end up with withered plants on which you will lose money in both the planting and the cleaning up of the plots. You will have to start again.

Each plant in the game has specific attributes – the amount of precipitation it needs in order to grow, the ideal temperatures for its growth and how many days it will take before you can harvest the crops. You will have to check out the weather forecasts to see if the conditions are conducive for the plants.

Lastly we have the game Sky High Farm. A dash-style, time management game wherein the player is tasked to set up a farm in the middle of a bustling city rooftop. Not only will you have to start a farm, but you will also have to make this venture a profitable one by selling harvesting different kinds of crops.

Players can plant a variety of crops like carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, etc. Aside from vegetables, you may also work with planting fruits, and later on, even trees. Throughout the game, players will be given six different type of gardens to move and grow their crops. These six style of gardens are the different rooftops of buildings in the city, which will usually carry the name of the homeowner. The gamer, of course, starts off with Jessica’s (default name of the character) own rooftop.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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