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Facebook Games List: 5 Farm Games that You Can Still Play on Facebook 2022

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Farming games have helped us relax and unwind during those times when we just want to take our mind off things and watch the crops grow. If you are looking for some titles to play, here are our 5 farm games that you can still play on Facebook in 2022. Farm Spiele kostenlos - Facebook Games List: 5 Farm Games that You Can Still Play on Facebook 2022

These games can be played using your computer or mobile device as long as you can open up your Facebook. So ready your seeds, and let us get to planting.

1. Klondike: The Lost Expedition

Working on your garden plots in Taonga

Klondike is a fun-filled farming simulation and a quest of searching for your father as you start your journey and take care of the farm he left for you. It features an awesome story and cool adventures you can unlock and enjoy. You can do a lot of stuff in-game, like making garden beds, planting your seeds, and harvesting your crops. There is also livestock you can raise and take care of, like cows and chickens, which will give you milk and eggs. If you want to go on an adventure, you can progress the storyline and find clues about your father's lost expedition. You are sure to have fun with whichever part of the game you want to play.

2. Taonga

Developing your city in Newrock City

Taonga is another free-to-play game on Facebook among our list which lets you explore and develop your island given by a mysterious ancestor. Create your farm from scratch with the help of a friendly local tribe nearby. You can build structures out of materials you can produce from the abundant sources around you. The Order Board allows you to sell your crops and other products to your customers. So go and expand your farm and see what else lies on your island.

3. Newrock City

Raising your ranch in Family Farm

If you are looking for an awesome city builder game then Newrock City is just the one for you. Not only do you get to develop different structures, but it also features farming the lands and getting all you can with what you can plant and harvest. There are also other resources like stone and water which you can collect in the area. You can unlock new buildings as you level up and be on your way from the stone age into the modern era. Try it out now and bring your city to be new and better heights!

4. Family Farm

Harvesting fishes in Farland

Create your dream ranch and get to grow plants and raise livestock in Family Farm. You get to make garden plots, plant and harvest the crops, and then use them for other purposes like sheep and cow feed so that you get wool and milk. You can only give specific plants to a particular animal, so it's best to expand your plots and have a variety of greenery on hand. So add your friends as neighbors and have some fun.

5. Farland

Ready to plant some seeds in Klondike

Time to build your settlement and establish it as one of the best in Farland. Take care of your inhabitants and provide them with shelter and food. As you progress, you can take on more people and expand in the surrounding areas. You can use all the available resources around you and create garden beds and fishnets to plant crops and catch fish to cook and eat. You can do tons of stuff in your village, and if you explore the outskirts, you can also discover new things.

To sum it up, these are five excellent choices you can try if you want to play farming simulations. It is fun and easy to access using Facebook and with simple mechanics to let you understand how to play it faster. So try them out now and have some fun building your farm.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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