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Best Farm Games on Facebook

Diesen Artickel einschätzen We have come to love these types of games as they share with us the passion behind the tedious work involved in its industry. Cute, challenging, and very addictive – let us all take a look back towards the best farming games that we have played so far. Farm Spiele kostenlos - Best Farm Games on Facebook

Yes, at one point or another we got hooked over these fun and addictive games – farming that is. These games mainly endow us with relative control of things related to Agriculture, Ranching, Livestock, or even just simply socializing with your farmer neighbors in the game.

Why do we even care about them? The fact that we’re always dragged back to the game one way or another should be enough to tell the tale. Pretty much every single person who has played Farmville (especially on its prime) has had that moment where they remembered that they had to harvest crops or feed their chickens at the middle of their work, class, or even during off-peak hours.

Pioneering the platform of online farming games, Farmville gave us something to always look forward to. It did not entail the common end-game setting -- as new features are constantly being added by the developers, so players always have something to do and work for. This never ending nature of the game got the better of us – and kept us sucked over the game, coming back to check what else we can do with our very own online farms.

And it did pretty well – the sequences of tasks, the feel of originality (when it comes to game play), the underlying reward system, and the overall balance of the game. Despite handing out a new concept at the time, almost every single component they introduced fit snuggly with the game that gave us the promising game that it is. We don’t have to prove you how successful the game was, if you haven’t gone loco over it at the time, it is pretty much certain one or two friends in your circle did.

Nonetheless, there is the sequel to the game to prove its success. In FarmVille 2, the makers didn’t stop on innovating the game. They laid out the former winning infrastructure of the game, tweaked those that are seemingly unattractive, and pitched it in with a great face lift.

Much like that of its predecessor, this build-your-own empire game enables fans of the genre to jump into the farming chores just as easily. The colorful characters, detailed props and animals help to give the sequel its homely feel as before. With brand new animals, crops and buildings to play with you have a fantastic game experience waiting for you in FarmVille 2.

Other than the Farmville series, there are also the ones that gave us quite the same positive impression. And yes, they too are very much addictive. First we have the game Happy Acres -- providing the similar farming simulation type of game, pitched in with some new elements to see from time to time. Plant seeds, harvest crops, buy animals, raise animals, harvest things like eggs/milk from animals, level up to unlock new things, buy decorative stuff for your farm from the store, setup buildings and all are just but the few thing you could do therein. But probably what made the game well known is its ability to expand your farm to an enormous degree.

While normal farming games allow you to expand, none of them come even close the amount of expansion that you can do in Happy Acres so later on in the game you’ll have a lot of space to play with which is something that even farming games nowadays lack.

Also, we have high praises for the game Barn Buddy. Barn Buddy is a fun and addictive Facebook based farming game that is much more than meets the eye. While it may seem like another farming game clone addition to an already overcrowded genre at first glance, you’ll notice that as you play through the game, it details distinct features that you probably haven’t ever seen in other farming games. These unique aspects make the game simply a cut above the rest.

Going into the most interesting bit of the game, it’s common for every farming game to have the neighbor system where neighboring farmers can help you out by watering your crops and such while you’re out. Barn Buddy takes it a tad bit farther by giving you the freedom to either help them out or do the opposite. Overall, the game pertains to be just as addictive, and a totally fun experience.

And so, that sums up our list of best farming games to date. We hope we had shed light to those eager to play fantastic simulation games, and haven’t had a try with any of these four farming games. Until then, happy farming to you all!

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