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5 Games Like Happy Acres

Diesen Artickel einschätzen If you loved Happy Acres, then you will also love the five farm simulation games as well. Farm Spiele kostenlos - 5 Games Like Happy Acres

Happy Acres became a big hit not only for its gameplay, but also for its extremely cute graphics that certainly captured the fancy of players, both young and old. Here are five more games similar to it that you might also find to your liking.

The first game on the list is Let's Farm. The best thing about this title is that it has a wide range of buildings and decorations that you can use to liven up your farm. So, aside from the usual repertoire of farm animals that you can raise and earn money from, Let’s Farm also offers you more than 400 buildings you can put on your farm. This means that there’s nearly no limit to your creativity when it comes to growing your fledgling farm from scratch into a highly attractive and very lucrative land.

Another farm game that’s worth checking is Top Farm. It has all the requisite elements of any farm game’s gameplay, including cultivating livestock and developing farm lands in order to earn income and become profitable. However, the game’s highlight is its capability to provide offline gameplay. Yes, that means that you can continue playing the game even if the Internet connection at your house is messing up, or is intermittent. At the beginning, you need to be connected to the Internet but, once your game is set up, you can start playing offline!

If you’re looking for a game that blends farming and RPG, then perhaps you should try Farm Tales. In addition to the usual farming and selling of your produce, the game introduces a storyline aspect to the game. For instance, the game proceeds in phases. Before you can move on to the next phase, you will have to raise a specific number of coins and reach a certain level in the progress bar.

The progress bar is filled by doing Quests for the villagers in the farm in addition to farming and selling. Of course, raising coins means you have to farm plants and sell them, or use the Mill to process the harvested plants to produce food you can sell for a higher number of coins.

The fourth game is Country Life, a farm game that’s actually a full-blown virtual world simulator. It simulates almost everything that needs to be done in a farm. The highlight here is the crafting – you can build various buildings in your farm, expanding it in a way, when you reach a certain level. You can then process your harvest in these buildings to produce a wide variety of ingredients. The game’s highlight, however, is its challenges – players can strive to complete achievements if they are in for the bragging rights. Country Life became so popular that it even had a sequel, Country Life 2.

Last but not the least is Astro Garden, a curious farming simulation and science fiction mix. In this game, you’re not only trying to build a farm. You’re trying to build a research facility, and the crops you produce in the farm are the ingredients of your study and experiments. It even has a storyline – your character is suffering from amnesia after a storm blew out your facility, and you will then spend the remainder of the game figuring out what happened.

Farm game simulators, like most management games, are great for learning how to manage finances and resources. With Happy Acres and these five games, you should be well on your way to learning how to become an excellent manager!

Want to find and play more games like the ones you know and love? Drop by now!

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