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5 Fun and Cozy Farm Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen With the rise in popularity of farm-oriented games, the majority of these have been classified under the cozy games sub-genre. Let's take a look at some of them that people may find relaxing to play. Farm Spiele kostenlos - 5 Fun and Cozy Farm Games

There are many reasons why people play games. Usually, the foremost reason is to be entertained. However, some people aren't necessarily hardcore gamers and need to take some time off to unwind. Taking a break and relaxing from the troubles and demands of everyday life does a lot of good in reducing stress, and this does wonders for one's mental health. To this, there are games specifically designed and developed to promote the reduction of stress through positive, non-violent immersion, fun, and constructive mental activity. Today, these sorts of games have been classified under the sub-genre of cozy games.

To think of it, farm and building games have become quite popular throughout gaming history. Predominantly simulation games give gamers a chance to experience some aspects of the building or creating process and the managing of what they built. Games like Sim City, Railway Tycoon, or even Computer Monopoly immersed players in a way to have fun and spend their time without shooting, killing, or blowing enemies up. Lately, farming games have come into the scenes, and their flexibility to be combined with other game genres gave them the extra edge in attracting players with different genre preferences. Regardless, farming games have become the ideal go-to for someone tired and home from work who wants some time to relax. With many of them easily accessible by phone, these cozy farm games have become convenient, if not easy, to play.

With that, here are five cozy farm games that may help everyone relax, reduce life stress and provide an outlet for positive immersive fun.

Country Life: Harvest Day

Country Life Harvest Day

Throughout gaming history, where the player plays a role in a story that revolves around an alternate world or reality has always been a crowd stealer for gamers worldwide. Farming games have become quite popular in this regard as they blend farming activities and role-playing into an exciting and immersive mix. With Country Life: Harvest Day, one can explore an enormous world, build farms, maintain and manage them, sell the products and make a profit and all the while interacting with the myriad of characters in the game. As with all farming games, one doesn't have to shoot anyone to win the game, and taking it easy and relaxed while progressing through it may be a better idea.

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My Dear Farm

My Dear Farm

One of the more relaxing farming games, My Dear Farm functions more like a detailed farming simulator than a story-driven one. You are in charge of an old farm which you must fix, maintain and grow. The more you farm, the more you earn, and the more you can plow back into your farm. The game comes with an excellent tutorial and is ideal for those who need a relaxing break.

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Note: Click on the review title to get to the game's page.

Riverside: Fun Farm Village

Riverside Fun Farm Village

This game is probably one of the most intensive building games, where although farming is a significant aspect of the game, the building process goes way beyond it. Story-wise, you play the role of an individual who decides to rebuild an old, dilapidated town into a prosperous village or city. Starting with meager resources, one has to keep building up the environment while making it profitable for further expansion and growth. The game is filled with myriads of options as far as development and building are concerned and a lot of in-game interactions. Riverside is a perfect game for gamers who would like to spend a portion of their busy lives on an immersive and relaxing farm/city-building game.

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Pocket Vegetable Garden

Pocket Veg Garden

A farming and store management game, Pocket Vegetable Garden starts you off with three plots where you have to plant, grow, harvest, and finally sell the product in your store. Simply put, the game is a continually growing, harvesting, selling, and innovating simulation game that progressively levels up. Filled with a lot of details in farming and store innovation, the game is guaranteed to immerse you in one focused-oriented micro-management activity that can be enjoyed for hours on end. Also, it's' a great way to get a realistic idea of the farming and produce business.

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Happy Farm Mania

Happy Farm Mania

Another straightforward way to do this, get that and sell the farm simulator. However, the game is quite cute and amusing. Things are done through levels, with one activity flowing into another in a step-by-step manner. Like every farming game, the idea is to build up your own farm, starting with meager resources like egg-laying chickens, harvesting, and bringing the product to market. Using the earnings to build up the farm further, and so on. Once you start the game, activities flood you one after the other, making it an immersive, relaxing, stress-relieving game.

To know more about Happy Farm Mania, you can click here.

With music that provides a happy, joyful beat with all the cute characters, animals, and places in the games that elicit a laugh, or a smile, one is bound to practically forget everything, at least for a while.

Have a relaxed and Happy Farming day!

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