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3 Reasons For You to Try Island Experiment

Diesen Artickel einschätzen What do you think are the compelling reasons that should convince even the most meticulous player to give this game a try? Farm Spiele kostenlos - 3 Reasons For You to Try Island Experiment

There are so many reasons that one may want to try a certain game. As for Island Experiment, what do you think are the compelling reasons that should convince even the most meticulous player to give this one title a try?

Well, for starters, the premise of the game should pique the interest of those who have a special love for survival stories. This is because the storyline of the game deals with a group of volunteers who allows themselves to be dropped into a pristine but primitive land. Their mission - to survive by living off the land, which means that everything, including the tools they need, have to be taken from the environment.

Even the technology that you eventually put to use to aid your production facilities have to be invented or created from scratch!

Second reason - there’s a lot of challenges that you have to surmount in order to nurture your very first group of settlers, with the goal of setting up your civilization that they become self-sustaining. When you play Island Experiment, you’d be pressed to make use of all of your organizational skills so you can help your settlers establish themselves and survive the rigors of living the primitive life on the island.

You get to learn valuable management skills when you play the game. You would have to identify which tasks need to be prioritized so that your settlers can take care of their needs, for starters. When you’ve gotten that down to pat, you’ll have to look at your available options in terms of production and dwelling, and see what upgrades you have to invest on in order to make your dwellers more productive.

Of course, you will need to formulate a steady source of income for your settlers. You start off with a farm, through which you cultivate crops that you then sell for profit. Alternatively, you can also stockpile crops as raw materials that can be used in more advanced production. These produce fetch you higher income, but take a bit of time.

The cash you get to reap, however, is more than worth the wait. You should then use that extra cash towards improving the capability of your villagers.

You do have quests to nudge you along your way. With these quests, you can progress steadily in income and technology. You can unlock more buildings, crops, and tasks that are designed to help you and your settlers become more at home in your new environment.

Finally, you will love the fact that Island Experiment is free to play. You just need to log in to your Facebook to gain access to the game. It’s just one quick search in what is considered the world’s most popular social networking website. While you do have the options to purchase additional in-game cash in exchange for real currency, Island Experiment is not a pay-to-win game. You need not concern yourself with paying for anything just to play the game.

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